Car Cameras Let Parents Keep an Eye on Kids’ Driving Habits

One of the scariest moments in a parent’s life is when their child takes out the car alone for the first time. By the time parents let their children drive alone, they know that the child is capable of driving properly and obeying all the rules of the road and basic safety. But, as we’ve seen, kids left to their own devices (and the added fire-fueler that is peer pressure) can make infinitely poor decisions. 

Usually there are times when the new driver’s self-discipline runs out and they comply with a friend’s request to drive faster or “floor it” just to see just how fast the car can go. These are the moments all parents fear, but usually never know about until an accident or a ticket.

If parents so choose, however, those days of worry and suspicion of their child’s driving habits can be over. If parents really do think their children are driving unsafely or just want to be safe rather than sorry, there are some options for keeping an eye on their child’s driving.

One of these options is to install a driver camera in the teen’s car. Driver or car cameras are small cameras that are attached to the top of a windshield and simultaneously record the activity inside and in front of the car. Usually these cameras are not actively recording everything that happens, but spring into action only when erratic behaviour occurs, such as excessive speeding, sharp turns, or sudden stops. This way parents can see important or dangerous events from outside the car, and see what their child was doing at the moment of foolishness from the inside camera. These cameras also give a huge reason for teens to drive safely and make sure they don’t engage in any type of reckless behavior that would challenge their parent’s trust.

Rusty Weiss, director of the consumer division at DriveCam, says having a camera in the car “prevents some of the craziest stuff — the ‘if I got caught doing this I’d never be able to drive again’ stuff.”

By having these cameras watching over the teen’s driving, parents can feel safe in knowing that their children are driving as safely as if they were sitting right next to them in the passenger seat, and the teen drivers have the ultimate tool in fighting off peer pressure. Because no matter how much their friends would tease them or encourage them to engage in unsafe driving, the teen driver will know that if they do speed or drive in an unsafe manner, their parents will find out sooner or later.

However, before installing a car camera point-blank in the child’s or family car, it is important to discuss the camera with the young driver first. For instance, tell them that the camera is just to ensure that they are driving safely and not to spy on them, also that by having the camera in the car that it is guaranteed to reduce the chance of unsafe driving and accidents.

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  • It’s amazing how technologies like these for your children’s safety are in today’s market. You don’t have to worry so much about your teenager’s whereabouts, who he’s with and if he’s doing alright. Great post!