Nebraska Car Expert Busts Stereo Thief

Being a thief isn’t the best career choice you can go with. Not only is it dangerous for the fact that you can and probably will get hurt when someone catches you trying to steal their stuff, but there’s always the risk of police catching you in the act. Even if you are a competent thief and manage to flee the scene after a successful steal, you still have to worry about being caught with the goods or selling them to someone who might be an undercover officer, or the original owner.

What can you do if you don’t want to place yourself at risk by putting up stolen good on Craig’s list? Well, you can always keep them yourself, which is exactly what Anthony Trang of Lincoln, Neb., decided to do after gutting a woman’s car, stripping it for all it’s worth; and we do mean all that it’s worth: including the sound system, amplifier, subwoofer, three iPods, and even the 30 quarters that were in the change box.

To make sure no one could catch him trying to sell the pillaged car’s contents, he quickly decided  to drive up to a car shop to get the audio equipment installed in his own car. Except karma wasn’t on his side in this case, and the man the thief attempted to have install the equipment was the boyfriend of the girl he robbed in the first place.

Needless to say, it wasn’t too long before the original owner’s car was back to normal and Trang was where he belonged, behind bars. As for the boyfriend, Eric Ford, he expected the audio system to turn up somewhere soon, as there weren’t too many of this model in the area; but what caught him off guard was when the thief himself brought the parts to him just hours after the theft.

Let this be a warning to all future thieves, if you plan on stealing some rare merchandise, don’t bring it to the local expert of that field, especially if you live in Lincoln, Nebraska.

(Via Gizmodo) / (Image by bekathwia, licensed under Creative Commons)

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