Hackers Can Remotely Disable Your Car’s Brakes

hackedcarWith cars becoming more computerized and Internet-enabled with programs such as OnStar, the risk of computer-based security breaches also grows. Computer security researchers from the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have proven that it’s possible to remotely control many of a car’s functions by hacking its computer from a remote location.

These researchers demonstrated their ability to remotely disable the brakes, apply the brakes, shut off the engine and more. They did not release the information of which two types of cars they used to conduct their research, but did say these were two of the newer cars to hit the streets, and of course these were cars that came loaded with a wireless service like OnStar.

The researchers also showed that hackers could manipulate the car’s computers to destroy any evidence of hacking in the first place, making it seem like the car malfunctioned on its own. Hopefully the researches can patch up this security threat for good, before hackers learn how to exploit it, as they now know how to exploit regular computers.

(Via Switched)

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