Your Car’s Speed and Location Data is About to be Tracked and Sold

Car owners read carefully: if your car was ever signed up for OnStar, even if that means you might have bought a pre-owned vehicle where the previous owner was an OnStar subscriber, the car tracking and communications service is about to start tracking your vehicle once again. Due to a change in privacy policy, OnStar says that it will now track the location and speed of all vehicles that were ever subscribed to its service in the past, meaning even if you called specifically to cancel the tracking of your vehicle, it will now be tracked once again. OnStar’s spokesman Adam Denison says that the company will keep this tracking active for

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the convenience of customers in the case that they wish to resume their service in the future. And unless the customer specifically says that they don’t wish to be tracked, this tracking will continue from now on. And speaking of the customer’s benefits, there is also a small section of the privacy policy that allows OnStar to compile this GPS data and sell an anonymized

version of it to governments, marketing companies, and vehicle manufacturers. (Story and image via Gizmodo)

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  • Hi, I’m with the OnStar team. We’re seeing similar concerns from other channels, and I wanted to let everyone know that we value our customers’ privacy and security and have never sold any personally identifiable information to any third party.

    To be clear and transparent regarding our business practices we have put together the video below.