New Surveillance System Gives Police a Bird's Eye View

A new method of surveillance is making solving crimes easier than ever. It works by tracking criminals from the sky with a super zoom lens. It captures where criminals came from and where the went post-crime.  The best part is that even if the criminal is wearing a mask or is in disguise he can still be tracked.

The new system uses a surveillance plane to patrol the sky with a camera that focuses on a 16 square mile area. This surveillance system has a wide-area zoom so the moment a crime is reported, the police can rewind the surveillance tape to the exact moment the crime was committed, zoom into the area where the crime occurred, and track where the criminal went.

A good example of when a system like this would be used, would be in identifying a thief after a break in. All the police would have to do is zoom in on the location of the break in, wait until the thief arrives at the scene of the crime, and then track him after the crime. Knowing who the thief is, the police can even rewind the tape to see where he came from before the crime, such as where he lives to properly identify him after he or she committed the crime.

With the use of this technology crimes would decline sharply since criminals would know that they can be tracked back to the scene of the crime, even if they were wearing disguises.

The only drawback to this technology is that it can’t track thieves if they go underground, like if they get on a train or subway. This makes the surveillance system less than ideal for busy cities like New York City, and more ideal for smaller town or cities that don’t utilize major underground subway networks. This new type of surveillance offers police a new layer of investigation tools in the fight against crime.

(Via KOLD)

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