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“What’s the Best Way for Parents to Keep Their Children Safe Online?”

blog_image_comp_securityThe question that tops this story was recently posed to a panel of security and parenting experts by One of those experts was none other than our own CEO, Todd Morris, who offered one of the many salient pieces of advice found in the article. Let’s take a look at his advice as well as some of the other experts’.

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Think a Teddy Bear Makes a Great Nanny Cam? Think Again

It seems like every conversation I’ve had lately with customers interested in nanny cams eventually gets around to our teddy bear camera. When people hear the phrase “nanny cam” they automatically start thinking about teddy bears. Sure, the logic makes complete sense: Kids room = teddy bear. Teddy bear camera = great nanny cam. But in reality, a stuffed animal is not the best place to plant a hidden camera.

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Expert Advice: How to Pick the Right GPS Tracker


One of the most common questions I get is, “What makes one GPS tracker better than another?”. The answer is that one isn’t really better than the other, they are just better suited for different purposes. One person may need to closely track a single vehicle, while another may be trying to manage an entire fleet, and a third person may just want to know where a vehicle is during certain hours. While just about any of our trackers could be used for any of these purposes, one may be a better choice.

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Buyer Beware: Lock Expert Picks High End Lock, Exposes Major Security Flaw

lockMarc Weber Tobias and his team pick locks for a living. But they’re not thieves, they’re a group of security experts dedicated to testing how secure the locks on the market really are. Using standard tools like paper clips and screw drivers, Tobias and his team have uncovered some of the biggest security flaws in the highest rated and most expensive locks, leaving consumers wondering, how safe is my lock?

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Gok’s Guide to Buying a Camera for Day or Night

nightvisionYour surveillance system is only as strong as the camera that powers it. If you plan on recording video surveillance in anything but sunlight, it’s important to consider your camera’s ability to work in a variety of lighting conditions. Will the camera work in low light? Will it work in the dark? These are all important factors to consider when purchasing a surveillance system.

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