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Hungry Bank Robber Attempts to Eat Evidence

bank_gobbler3_682_934494aJohn Ford was so eager to avoid arrest that he may have eaten the evidence that would help convict him.

Ford was suspected in a bank robbery during which he reportedly passed a note to one of the tellers demanding money. After police matched his car to a witness’ description, the police pulled Ford over and discovered a bag of money in his car. Afterwords while emptying his pockets, Ford grabbed a piece of paper in his mouth and proceeded to eat it. Police believe that the piece of paper may have been the ransom note he showed to the teller.

The dashboard camera in the police vehicle captured everything as Ford was pressed upon the hood of the car eating a large piece of white paper.  Despite his best efforts it seems that Ford will be unable to avoid his jail time. At least in jail he won’t go hungry.

(Via The Sun)

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High Resolution Surveillance Cameras Make Arrests Happen Quicker

camera-crimeCriminals everywhere are at risk due to new advances in security technology that is helping to make sure that store thefts and hold-ups become a thing of the past.

According to authorities, the new enhanced picture quality of digital surveillance cameras is proving vital in arresting suspects. The clarity of the pictures is instrumental in helping to identify the perpetrator. While authorities state that it is difficult to tell exactly how much these new high-resolution cameras help to convict those accused of crimes, there are many reports of quick arrests based on surveillance evidence supplied by these cameras.

“The cameras have just gotten better. They’re like nice portraits,” said Dave Hautman, general manager of Franklin Nicollet Liquor in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. “It makes everybody feel more comfortable, more safe, including the customers.”

It seems that more people are following this trend. According to Todd Rubey, a product manager for Video Surveillance Solutions, an Iowa firm, stated that video surveillance in the metropolitan area has increased about 300 percent since 2002.

(Via Star Tribune)

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To Protect and Serve or Pilfer and Steal, Cop Gets Caught Stealing Video games

hmv_1A British police officer was put to shame when he was caught on a store surveillance camera stealing video games by stuffing them behind his security vest.

The video depicts officer Peter Cokell browsing amongst the shelves of HMV, a popular video game retailer, and taking a few Ps3 games and stuffing them behind his police issued stab vest.

When asked of the crimes officer Cokell denied all charges stating “I tried my best to be inconspicuous to the general members of the pubic so that they would not form the wrong impression of what I may or may not have been trying to do with my trousers,” the judge, however, was not sold.

With clear video footage of officer Cokell taking the video games and leaving the store with them in tow, the judge found him guilty of the crime. Sentencing has not been issued yet but officer Cokell resigned from the Avon and Somerset police force in June when the official investigation into the theft began.

(Via The Tech Herald)

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Despicable Thief Steals Donations Meant for a Breast Cancer Victim


Paula Swanson (center) with her family

For weeks at Lindy’s General Store in Pembroke, Massachusetts, customers had been putting money into a can on the counter top to support Paula’s People. Paula’s People is a family team representing Paula Swanson, a victim of breast cancer. The team was planning to enter a road race that raises money in the fight against breast cancer.

Paula herself had been a regular customer at Lindy’s for many years. 10 days before Paula passed away, a delivery man was caught on tape stealing the donation’s can from the store’s counter. “It’s a disgusting act,” said Josh Worrall, the owner of the store.

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Spam King To Pay $711 Million To Facebook

sanford Sanford Wallace, an Internet marketer who is notoriously known as the “Spam King” for sending out as many as 30 million junk e-mails a day in the 1990’s, was found guilty in court for spamming Facebook and now has to pay them $711 million in damages. He is charged with hacking into user’s accounts and sending out phony messages and posts trying to make money from the users (which apparently he made tons of, and it’s not the first time).

In May, 2008, he did the same thing with MySpace, in which case he was also caught and forced to pay the social media site $230 million. And once again before that, $4 million for running an operation that spread a spyware virus.

Aside from having to pay such a huge amount of money, again, Wallace might also face jail time since the government is cracking down on cyber crime and Internet fraud.

(Via HuffingtonPost

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Man Uses His Stolen Laptop to Spy on Supposed Thief

dellfindLaptops are quickly becoming a favorite on thieves’ wish-lists. But what if you could use the technology already available in your laptop to spy on the person who stole your laptop and help get it back? That was the case for Clair Fleener, a chief executive of IT outsourcer InertLogic, who was able use her stolen laptop to spy on the thief who took it and determine his location.

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Flower Thief Caught on CCTV Stealing from the Community

th1_nhec-2610-05-2310-145615An elderly man armed with a towel and a spade was caught on tape stealing flowers along a town’s landmark bridge in the U.K. The elderly man was captured on CCTV at County Bridge, Sowerby Bridge, digging up geraniums and shrubs planted by the town’s In Bloom committee.

Samantha Ward, a Calderdale Council parks officer and project coordinator for Sowerby Bridge In Bloom, said: “We couldn’t believe it when we heard what had happened.The flowers had been disappearing for a while and it was a real mystery where they were going.”

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Bank Robbery Turned Prayer Session Mid Robbery

praying-robberAn Indianapolis robbery went all wrong when a 23-year-old male, Gregory Smith, attempted to hold-up a check-cashing business and instead ended up praying and running out with $20 and the clerk’s cellphone. When Smith pulled out his gun to threaten clerk Angela Montez, her first reaction was to start praying. Smith felt so bad, he broke down into tears and tried to explain to her that he is  an ex-serviceman and had a young baby. He also said:

“But we’re going to be homeless. I haven’t had a job in months. I’ve tried everything.'”

At one point when Smith reached for the gun again, Montez got really scared and and started praying for forgiveness, which made Smith take out the only bullet in the gun and give it to her, saying:

“Just take it and talk to me… No one will talk to me. I have nobody.'”

After talking and praying together for about 40 minutes without any disturbances, Smith allegedly left after taking $20 and Montez’s cellphone. The next day Smith turned himself in after his mother had seen him on T.V. and urged him to do it.

(Via ABC News)

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Serial Killer Richard Ramirez "Night Stalker" Linked To Additional Murder

night-stalker Richard Ramirez, known for his 1984-85 killing spree as the “Night Stalker,” has been linked to another cold case murder of a 9-year-old girl, Mei “Linda” Leung. Ramirez, currently on Death Row at San Quentin State Prison for committing 13 murders, was linked to the new murder through DNA evidence.  The evidence shows that Ramirez is indeed the one of the killers, and that there might have been a second, unidentified killer.This murder allegedly took place two months before his first known murder in the residential neighborhood of San Francisco. It is uncertain to whether or not Ramirez will stand trial for the murder since he is already condemned to die at San Quentin.


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Naked Burglar Caught on Tape Ransacking Elderly Woman's Apartment

naked-man-011A 61-year-old woman was shocked, and perhaps a little traumatized, after discovering that a naked man had ransacked her apartment while she was out of town. The man was caught on outdoor security cameras calmly walking around naked in her house and on her patio.

According the footage from the security cameras, the man went into the back yard and used a garden hose to take a shower. After that he knocked on the front door but got no response. He then attempted to dress himself in a black garbage bag before breaking in through the back windows of the house. Once inside he decided to cook himself a meal and then had a couple of drinks. Finally the man grabbed a white sheet, wrapped himself up in the sheet, and then walked out the front door of the house. Police have made no arrest and say that they have little more than the video footage to help them.

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