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Hidden Camera Reveals Mayor as Underwear Thief


Ian Stafford, Former Mayor of Preesall

Female residents in Preesall, Lancashire were becoming anxious of a ladies underwear thief and were surprised to find that the lead suspect was actually the mayor of the town. Local women had begun to call police after they noticed that multiple articles of clothing began disappearing from their homes. One woman in particular was so nervous about the ongoing perverted thefts, that she installed a hidden camcorder into her home.

The video she recorded was of a half naked man breaking into her house stealing her underwear, putting them on, and then performing lewd sexual acts with them. Upon further investigation police were able to determine that the underwear thief was none other than the local Mayor Ian Stanford.  Stanford had been an independent member of the town council for years and was only recently elected as the mayor for a second term.

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65 Million U.K. Jewelry Heist Captured On Video, Leads To Arrest

3dde3303-180a-4663-a516-29a079b78b96hmedium1Lets be honest: It seems like the interesting robbers are all gone. The Ocean’s 11 style thieves are a relic of the past. You never hear about people putting effort into robberies or heists, no grand getaways, and it’s a shame. At least two men brought back that memorable past with a London jewelry heist worth $65 million last week, but in doing so they confronted a powerful modern foe: video surveillance.

This dangerous daytime heist netted the robbers $65 million worth of jewelry from the powerful London diamond merchant Graff Diamonds, but also led to a suspect being arrested in connection with the heist and the entire heist being captured on camera. The surveillance footage seemed to capture a scene similar to every heist movie in history, with the two dapper robbers producing guns in the store and taking a staff member hostage while making off with their haul, before escaping into a group of getaway cars across the city. It was a fascinating scene that was filmed that day. Too bad for them, our Dapper Dons weren’t starring in Hollywood movie, but stuck in real life.

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Thief Produces Surprising Bulge In His Pants During Pet Store Raid

turtle2Turtles have a rough life. The last thing they need to worry about is some crazy idiot interrupting their well-earned peace and quiet and sticking them down their pants. For one poor turtle in Spring, Texas, being stuck down someone’s pants was more than just some crazy nightmare. Instead it became a strange, strange reality. Good thing there were surveillance cameras there to witness the scene.

On Wednesday, August 12, a thief targeting a pet store in Spring posed as a customer and searched the store before using a piece of metal to pry open one of the store cabinets, from where he then removed the fist-sized Indian Star Tortoise and shoved it into the left pocket of his jeans. He lucked out in not grabbing a snapping turtle. That would have been uncomfortable.

“We’ve been here twenty years and I’ve never had a customer shove a turtle in his pants,” said Sherry Stack, Pet City owner.

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Chicago Cubs Fan Johnny Macchione Shamed on Camera for Beer Incident

081409beer2_20090813_22_00_21_4140-282-400Beer-chucking Chicago Cubs fan Johnny Macchione is now guilty of two misdemeanors after dousing Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino with a cold Bud Light. However, Macchione is even more guilty of being a coward after making an acquaintance originally take the fall for him.

The Bartlett native turned himself into police on Thursday after he couldn’t run away from the large collections of videos plastered all over the Internet identifying him as the despicable culprit.

“It was a big mistake. I’d like to apologize to Shane Victorino,” said the 21-year-old, who described himself as a lifelong Cubs fan. “It really is nothing against him. It was a mistake like I said.”

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Surveillance Camera Hidden in Flower Pot Captures Car Thief

screenshot_03Superheros are a thing of the past- with cutting edge technology, you can become your own vigilante. After a series of approximately 30 break-ins in a period of only 2 weeks, a criminal was caught on a home video tape by a local resident, Pam Trickey. The sunlit, warm, and welcoming town turned into a much darker reality- one that she wanted to catch on tape. Authorities are hopeful that this new footage will help them catch the burglar. The picture identification is a vital part of the investigation that was missing prior to this major breakthrough. Trickey, bought surveillance cameras to catch the person who vandalized her car, instead she got the burglar responsible for other neighborhood car break-ins. Taking it a step further, she cleverly hid the cameras in flower pots.

“There he is right there, and he walks up to the vehicle, you can see his face right there he is looking at the camera,” Trickey said.

Watching the man rummage through her car, looking for anything valuable, Trickey was relieved when the man finally left, defeated by her invaluable objects. On the same night her car was ransacked so too her a number of her neighbors- but Trickey is hopeful that her home movie will help catch the thief.

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Thief Caught on Camera Stealing Camera Equipment from Police Department

large_kenjonesBusted stories like the follow one are always amusing, but it really makes you wonder about the audacity of some thieves out there. Recently, a thief stole a camera and lens from a special exhibit at the Multnomah County’s Central Library. The exhibit featured a display full of police crime-fighting tools. The thief immediately went for a Nikon camera and lens which ironically was located next to a book titled “Crime Scene Photography”, an old fingerprint magnifying glass, a plastic police evidence bag, and bright yellow evidence markers.  A surveillance camera in the library caught the whole thing, and another surveillance camera even caught the thief holding the camera in the elevator as he exited the library.

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7 Year Old Steals Car To Avoid Church: Police Chase Ensues

10commandments1Thou shall not kill, Honor thy father and thy mother, thou shall not steal. We all know the 10 commandments, but at what lengths will some go to avoid having to hear them again?

Ask the 7 year old boy from Utah who wanted to leave church so badly that he drove his dad’s car home. Mid-drive he ran a stop sign, almost hit another driver and managed to escape a chase by the police. Upon arrival he ran inside his house and hid, realizing that he had just broken 2 out of the 10 commandments.

When his father asked him what had happened, the boy admitted to just wanting to go on a joyride.

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Suspect in Atlanta Robberies Carelessly Left Incriminating Note at Scene of Crime

titlemaxAn Atlanta FBI task force has arrested a man suspected in at least three bank robberies in metro Atlanta. David Conn, 30, was arrested on July 14 in Decateur by the FBI-led Atlanta Metropolitan Major Offenders unit, based on investigations by Sandy Springs and Atlanta police. Conn was arrested for a July 1 robbery of a Wachovia bank in North Fulton, the June 25 attempted robbery of a Bank of America in Sandy Springs, and the June 10 robbery of a Wachovia in Atlanta, Sandy Springs spokesman Lt. Steve Rose said.

Sandy Springs and AMMO officers were able to track Conn by a note he used to rob one of the banks which he left at the scene. The note said he had placed a bomb in the building and was demanding money, and when Conn fled, he left the note behind. Because the note had been written on a loan-for-title document from Title Max, investigators were able to form a list of potential subjects through the company, and then were able to identify Conn himself by comparing bank surveillance photos with those of the potential subjects.

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Thief Attempts Robbery Using a Toy Gun, Gets Chased by Victim

hsc3080lIt’s always amusing when a story comes across the wire where a thief is foiled by his own doing during a crime attempt. One such incident happened recently in Salt Lake City, Utah, where a 41 year old woman tried to hold up a man using a plastic gun. The victim, who was sitting in his car, was approached by the woman and told to hand over his money. When he responded by saying that he didn’t have any on him, the woman proceeded to hit her plastic gun on his head, which caused it to break in to pieces. That caused the man to realize that the gun was fake, so he proceeded to chase after her and even managed to grab the “gun” away from her. The woman was eventually taken in by police for aggravated robbery.

Later, she told a police officer “I guess I shoulda’ thought this through more” and “I’m just getting what I deserve.”

(Via Deseret News)

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Covert Cop Car Puts Thief Behind Bars

When Bristol, England thief Jamie Dawey saw a handbag laying on the seat of an empty car, his worst instincts took over. Little did he know, the Volkswagen Passat he was stealing from was one of Avon and Somerset’s police’s covert capture cars, designed exclthief1usively for catching criminals.

Outfitted with hidden video cameras, the  CCTV images captured were enough evidence to secure a conviction and nine-week jail sentence for drug addict Davey, 27, of Sidmouth Road, Bedminster.

Prosecutor Robert Allen stated that the car was parked at the Templegate NCP car park in Bristol on June 26 at 9:45pm when Davey made his move.

The cameras capture Davey breaking in through the driver’s door and stealing a black leather wallet, silver iPod case, and brown canvas ladies bag worth a total of £65, belonging to the police. He then returned at 2:05am the next day and attempted to break into a Vauxhall Meriva parked next to the Passat.

Davey originally claimed to the court that although the main photo looked like him, it was not, but when the case officially came to court, the suspect changed his tune and admitted theft and interfering with a car in an attempt to steal.thief3

The covert capture car is used all around Bristol to catch criminals. Police officers “bait” the car with items such as satellite navigation systems, handbags, car stereos and mobile phones. Davey is the latest of several hundred arrests since the tactic was introduced in 2006. Metigater Selina Hunt stated that Davey is a heroin and crack addict who has been trying to quit and that the incident was “an opportunist’s crime.”

Magistrates sentenced him to a total of nine weeks in custody for the offenses.

(Via This Is Bristol)

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