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Oregon Woman Captures Burgularing Neighbor on Covert Security Camera

portA Beaverton, Oregon, woman who was victimized by a serial burglar was able to use an ingenious hidden camera to catch the perpetrator in the act. Celeste Labore took the step of setting up the camera after her most-prized possessions began vanishing into thin air, and she had no idea who was responsible.

“We put out money for bait. I knew whoever was coming in would, no problem, take the money,” Labore said.

Just three days after Labore set up the camera it was able to catch the burglar, who to her horror was her middle-aged neighbor Sergio Nabor-Tellez, 39, a man who lives just across the street.

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GPS Money Tracker Hidden in Bag Leads to Swift Arrest for Bank Robber

bcdr_pc0010400nwanews-logo1In Rogers, Arkansas, a GPS “money tracker” slipped into a bag during a bank robbery allowed police to track the suspect and make an arrest Friday, July 3rd. The suspect is now being held on a $200,000 bond as he stands accused of robbing one bank and attempting to rob another. Anthony Timothy Barnes, 31, of Rogers faces two counts of aggravated robbery and a count of felony theft of property. The robbery charges are class Y felonies, meaning Barnes could receive a sentence of 10 to 40 years on each of the counts.

Barnes one-day crime spree both started and ended haphazardly. On Friday, a call at 3:16 P.M. made police aware of an attempted robbery at First Federal Bank on West Huston Road. The robber was unable to steal any money due to the bullet-proof glass protecting the tellers.

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Plasma TV Thief Caught on Hidden Home Security Camera

thief_tv_dog360In Milford Connecticut, a neighbor’s surveillance camera has given the town’s police the hard evidence they need to convict a home invader. Resident Belinda Kowalsky has a home security surveillance camera set up to protect her home against thefts, and her intricate equipment was able to capture a burglary in progress at a neighbor’s home. Police say that the video shows a man parking and entering the home and then driving away a minute later in possession of a wide screen television. The thief apparently broke in through a back window, that one other local home was targeted, and that an alarm may have scared away the burglar. The vehicle seen in the video is a Volkswagen.

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Caught On Tape – Kanye West Scuffle


Camera’s are an integral part of today’s society. Whether we want to admit it or not we are always being watched from a security camera or a friend recording. This is not creating the ‘big brother’ society that people fear. Instead, we are moving to a point where life is documented as it is happening. No false histories or second hand accounts. We are able to see the world live.

Events happen in an instant and are done. Hidden cameras allow us to quickly capture these events and keep them in perpetuity. Reporters have embraced this for the search for truth in events. Events can’t be negated when documented on film.

Documentary filmmakers have also made a career of documenting ‘real life’. Some have even gone further with hidden cameras. Recently, filmmaker Rob Spence installed a prosthetic hidden camera eye in order to capture life as we really perceive it.

Now it is getting easier and easier for everyone to be their own news crew. With sites like Youtube we can show our videos to others and invite them to view what we have captured from our world. The integration of cameras everywhere has opened our sights to both the good and the ugly, but allows us to choose which we want to view and how we act in response.

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Cops Bust Doggie Door Burglars: Homeowner Watches Action Live On Internet

April 9 – Imagine this Florida woman’s surprise when she saw burglars climb through her doggie door to rob her place. Using real-time video surveillance, Jeanne Thomas, watched the whole thing online from her computer at work. Immediately calling the cops, these burglars were surrounded in a matter of minutes leaving them to wonder “how did we get caught?”

Thomas set up a live video stream after her home was burglarized at last October. Busted!


Listen to the 911 call or check out the mug shots.

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Duct Tape Robber Fail

“Duct Tape Bandit” Kasey Kazee barged in to Shamrock Liquors in Ashland, Kentucky with duct tape wrapped around his head to conceal his face. While proceeding with this preposterous crime Kazee was met by store manager Bill Steele who had some duct tape of his own. Steele grabbed a wooden club wrapped in duct tape and proceeded to chase the masked moron outside into the store’s parking lot.

usb building crime detreiming mastermind security

Steele tackled the masked robber and wrestled him to the ground. The tussle eventually ended with “Duct Tape Kazee” battered and in a headlock. When police arrived on the scene and eventually removed the duct tape they questioned Kazee.

Duct Tape Kazee Unmasked

Duct Tape Kazee Unmasked

Kazee responded to police questioning and looked straight at the camera and said, “Do I look like the duct tape bandit to you?”

Store patrons also remarked on Kazee odd appearance when they noticed he had his shirt pulled over his head. They said it was reminiscent of the “cornholio” character of “Beavis & Butthead” fame. Kazee did manage to get his sticky fingers on a two rolls of coins from the liquor store.

biometric ip counter door lock camera sniper fangra

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BUSTED! Stupid Criminals Caught On Tape

We don’t all have the luxury to be robbed by this guy. But perhaps there is something to be said about the simplicity of the criminal mind. They look to get in and out quickly. They may not even think about a security system or a hidden camera. Taking steps like these will help catch a burglar even when their mistakes aren’t as obvious. Keeping your home secure. [youtube=]

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Counterfeiter Caught On Tape

One more counterfeiter in a ring in Bermeton, Washington was caught on video surveillance by a cell phone by one of her co-conspirators. The woman is shown pulling a fake $20 from a printer. Police have accused these suspects with targeting Girl Scout troops and allegedly conning them out of more than $1,000.

The scheme revolved around buying girl scout cookies to launder the money. To ad insult to injury, the “real-looking” money was reportedly made with a printer bought from a local ToysRUs. One of the girl scout leaders realized the money was fake when she tried to get change at a bank. Now troop leaders are told to not accept 20s unless they have a counterfeiting pen that turns yellow to detect real money. The girl scout leaders have said they will use this experience as a teaching tool about safety and security. They stated they are going to teach the girls about fraud and security and even go as far as to give out fraud badges. This may sound like a far cry from friendship badge, but does show the importance of being vigilant especially when it comes to children, who are most vulnerable.

There are many ways to protect your child and teach them about dangerous situations and suspicious people. Many girl scouts take the door to door approach to selling their cookies. Many parents choose to keep track of their children’s location with a GPS Tracker or similar device.

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