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Payphones: The Unexpected Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card


Larry Stone, an inmate at the Lake County Jail in Florida, has been sitting behind bars since April since he couldn’t post bail for his property crime charges. A few days ago he went to use the jail pay phone to make a call, he was given a shot at freedom. The get out of jail free card didn’t come from the person that Stone was trying to call, but rather from the fact that his intended contact didn’t pick up.
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Marital Spy vs. Spy Plot Backfires

With Facebook being such a simple website to create an online identity, it’s no wonder that people abuse the social networking platform by creating false online identities and pretending to be someone else. Sometimes the fake identities are created just for fun, to make a profit by promoting a product or service, or even for malicious purposes getting back at a person or bullying them online. In the case of Angela Voelkert, she created a fake Facebook profile for tricking her ex-husband, David Voelkert, into acting in a way that would make him look like a bad parent in the custody battle for their children.

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Busted: Contortionist Thief Hid in Airport Luggage

When traveling through an airport, you sometimes see baggage handlers throwing around luggage as if they’re actively trying to destroy all the stuff inside. But are they really? Or are they just taking an extra step to prevent the theft of your possessions? Apparently in Spain, the harder they throw your luggage, the safer it might be from theft; reason being – there might be a thief hiding in that luggage, waiting to steal other people’s goods.

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Bank Robbery Fail: Crook Shows Face After Being Told to Take Off Hood

Hesitation, or better yet, indecision is one of the biggest causes of failure in life. For example, when you set your mind to doing something, you should go for it with everything you’ve got and not turn back or stop part-way through. Apparently the man you’re about to read about falls victim to this costly habit as well. Except his indecision wasn’t about going for a big goal or challenging task, but it was deciding to do a half-hearted job of a bank robbery or just being indecisive about whether he should commit the crime or not.

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Text-to-Order Shoplifter Busted

Want that new pair of sneakers but don’t feel like paying full price? If you’re on good terms with Sean Harrington from Louisville, Ky., you might just be in luck. The 36-year-old not only made a business for himself by shoplifting merchandise like shoes and then reselling them on the street, he took it a step further into the real world of entrepreneurship by getting exactly what his customers wanted.

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Getting Arrested 101: What Not to Do as a Criminal

Criminals seem to be getting sloppier and sloppier every day. In the past, police would have to conduct in-depth investigations after home break-ins, and usually still had trouble locating the right criminal to get items returned. But now, it seems that the criminals are not only getting sloppy, but are actively working against themselves in the hopes of getting arrested.

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Nebraska Car Expert Busts Stereo Thief

Being a thief isn’t the best career choice you can go with. Not only is it dangerous for the fact that you can and probably will get hurt when someone catches you trying to steal their stuff, but there’s always the risk of police catching you in the act. Even if you are a competent thief and manage to flee the scene after a successful steal, you still have to worry about being caught with the goods or selling them to someone who might be an undercover officer, or the original owner.

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Czech Republic President Caught on Video Stealing Pen

We all know people that borrow things and forget to return them; or at any rate, that’s what they say when you confront them about it. The latest person to be caught “forgetting,” is the Czech Republic’s President, Vaclav Klaus, who was using a ceremonial pen during a visit to Chile. To make matters even worse, Klaus was pulling off this heist in full view of the media during a ceremony to announce a trade agreement.

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