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Czech Republic President Caught on Video Stealing Pen

We all know people that borrow things and forget to return them; or at any rate, that’s what they say when you confront them about it. The latest person to be caught “forgetting,” is the Czech Republic’s President, Vaclav Klaus, who was using a ceremonial pen during a visit to Chile. To make matters even worse, Klaus was pulling off this heist in full view of the media during a ceremony to announce a trade agreement.

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Man Calls Police Looking for Prostitutes – Not What ‘Police Escort’ Means

This is starting to become a pretty common trend among our “fail” arrests. Another man had contacted the police thinking prostitution was legal and ended up paying for it. In the last

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case a man called to complain to police officers about a prostitute’s poor service, but in this case it seems that the man simply wanted police to provide him with a prostitute. Maybe he was simply confused about what the tern “police’ escort” really meant.

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Prisoners Use Children’s Coloring Book To Smuggle Drugs

When it comes to smuggling drugs, people come up with the most innovative methods that you can think of, yet usually still end up getting busted. Whether it’s the marijuana catapult or carrier pigeons used as drug mules, all of this innovation goes to waste and only gets the people involved into more legal trouble. The latest drug most reliable online pharmacy smuggling attempt, although creative, still ended up the same way.

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Nanny Cams Potentially Save Infant’s Life

Installing hidden security cameras in your home can be a bulwark against any number of hazardous domestic situations, especially if you leave your home unattended or your children with relative strangers. Thankfully, for this Laurel Hill, N.Y. mother, she had nanny cameras installed and was able to catch her babysitter in a negligent act before she got a chance to really hurt the child she was supposed to be watching over.

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Granny Beats Up Gang of Armed Robbers with Her Shopping Bag

What started as a jewelry store robbery on a busy street in broad daylight quickly turned into an arrest thanks to the bravery of Ann Timson, a 71-year-old grandmother that happened to be walking by. By bravery we don’t mean she called the police like most people would, but instead she started clobbering all six armed hooligans with her large shopping bag.

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Why You Shouldn’t Steal From People with Surveillance Systems

During winter it’s pretty common that people either forget their snow shovels outside or just figure that no one will bother to steal them. In the case of David Welles of Chicago, one of his neighbors not only decided to steal his shovel from the front yard, but also let her dog leave a not-so-nice present in the front yard, adding insult to injury.
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