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Police Seize Weed Catapult

Criminals are always looking for new ways to break the law, and smugglers are always looking for new ways to traffic drugs without alerting the police. Lately, they have been turning to history for inspiration, recycling methods that have been used in the past. First it was using carrier pigeons to smuggle drugs into prisons, and now it’s using mobile catapults (actually trebuchets, but who’s keeping score)  to launch drug shipments across borders.

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Man Arrested For Shoveling with Explosives

Shoveling snow—ncreating and settingobody likes to do it, but it’s a task that must be

done. One man got creative and found a way to clear snow from his property while simultaneously being able to relax and skip all the hard work. The only drawback is that his creative way of “shoveling” was also highly dangerous, illegal, and got him arrested in the end.

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Students Fail at Changing Grades

It is a common teen movie trope to have kids positively altering their grades with impunity. This constant plot device has to have some impact on impressionable youths. A group of students at a Kansas high school, in particular, managed to change their grades in the school’s network, but didn’t do so well on the whole impunity thing.

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Man Calls Police Complaining About Prostitute’s Poor Service

Maybe he wasn’t aware of the laws, or maybe he was just looking to get connected to the Better Business Bureau office with no questions asked when a Minnesota man called the police station with a complaint about a prostitute he had hired. Apparently, the woman took his $200 and left without holding up her part of the deal.

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Busted: How Not to Rob a Liquor Store

We’re not sure whether it’s the snow, the cold, or just the fact that criminals are getting too lazy to plan their heists nowadays, but more and more of them are getting caught for the most careless mistakes. And the latest criminal bust involves a group of teens who were not only were haphazard with their crime, but also left a direct trail to themselves for police to follow.

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Bullets: There is Not an App for That

iphone1Jerome Taylor, 20, got a bit more than he bargained for while attempting to rob a restaurant. One thing he underestimated was the very real threat of kitchen workers’ knives in

contrast with his very unreal weapon of choice: his iPhone.

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