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Thief Snags iPhone Mid GPS Demo, Cops Locate Him in Record Time

iphonethiefHow ironic. In the midst of Jordan Sturm’s demo of Apple’s  GPS-based app, “Find My iPhone,” a bike riding thief grabbed the new iPhone and rode off, thinking he was now the proud owner of the much sought after device. Unfortunately for the thief, 31-year-old Horatio Toure, the app installed on this iPhone was designed to use the phone’s GPS tracker capabilities to provide real-time location updates so police officers and its owner can track the phone’s whereabouts in real-time.

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Man Arrested For Smuggling Titi Monkeys In His Clothes

titimonkeyAfter appearing suspicious and nervous at a checkpoint in a Mexican airport, workers decided to search Roberto Sol Cabrera Zavaleta, a 38-year-old Mexican citizen, to find out what he was up to. But to their surprise, instead of trying to smuggle anything harmful or highly illegal like drugs or weapons, the man was found with 18 titi monkeys under his clothes.

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Facebook Famous Barefoot Bandit Finally Arrested

Bahamas Teen Fugitive19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, A.K.A. the Barefoot Bandit was finally arrested after a two year run from the law. Harris-Moore is a serial thief that was wanted for stealing multiple cars, planes, and even more extravagant things like airplanes. He was captured in the Bahamas after stealing a speed boat and a high speed chase ensued. He would have gotten away again, but this time the police shot out the engine, leaving the bandit nowhere to go.

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