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OS stands for Operating System, which is the system that runs a computer, communicating between individual applications and hardware.  Some examples are Windows XP and Windows 7 from Microsoft, OSX from Apple, and Linux which is open source.

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Nanny Camera

A Nanny Cam, or Nanny Camera, is a hidden video camera that has been secretly installed within a common household object. A nanny cam is usually used to secretly monitor and record the activities of home caregivers, hence the name “Nanny Cam” although it has it’s usefulness to overtly or covertly record any activity.

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monocular-spotting-scopeA monocular is a miniature, low powered telescope or spotting scope that you hold in your hand like a binocular but look through with one eye like a telescope. A monocular shares characteristics with both binoculars and spotting scopes, but is much smaller than either. Some monoculars are no larger than your thumb or thicker than a good ink pen and any monocular will slip easily into a pocket or a purse.

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Micro SD


Micro SD cards, also known as TransFlash, are smaller versions of SD memory cards. As electronic devices are becoming smaller Micro SD cards are becoming more and more common in the marketplace. Currently, the highest capacity of micro SD card is 32 GB.
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