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a unit used to measure illumination. As a point of reference, an average office with standard lighting has a Lux rating between 320-500 lux. A night with a full moon in a cloudless sky without any “light pollution” from nearby cities would be near .25 lux.

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An abbreviation for “light emitting diode,” it’s an electronic device that lights up when electricity passes through it. LEDS are good for displaying images because they can be relatively small, and they do not burn out. However, they require more power than LCDs.

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A keylogger is a small piece of hardware that is usually inserted between the keyboard port and the keyboard. The hardware keylogger then records all user keystrokes to it’s internal memory. These devices generally have memory capacities between 8Kb and 2MB.

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H.264 is a state-of-the-art digital video format. H.264 provides powerful compression technology that delivers a superior video experience at a low bit rate. This video encoding format is able deliver high-quality video to a variety of devices.


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250px-gsmlogosvgGSM stands for Global Standard Mobile. It is the cellular technology used throughout most of the world.  In the United States, the two largest GSM providers are T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless.

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