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ESPN Anchor Video: Erin Andrews Hot Topic On The Scott & BR Radio Show


When sports radio personalities Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith from XX1090 San Diego heard about the ESPN Anchor Erin Andrews video scandal, they immediately called upon Todd Morris, CEO & Security Expert of BrickHouse Security to sound off about the controversy.

erin-andrews-photo1“When celebrities show up in a hotel or dressing room or even at a hair salon there is always the risk that someone has been there before and planted a camera and might catch them in something.”

Erin Andrews had to find this out the hard way when an embarrassing peephole video of her surfaced on the Internet.

“Even catching a B list celebrity doing something embarrassing could generate a photo or video worth over $100,000 from one of the tabloids. For these paparazzi, they’re looking for their lottery ticket. They’re looking to generate some controversial content…controversy from a B level celebrity could turn them into an A level sensation.

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ESPN Anchor Erin Andrews Photos Prompt Discussion On Counter Surveillance


Used to being watched on camera, ESPN News Anchor Erin Andrews thought she was retreating to a camera-less hotel room, away from the public eye on the evening of July 21st, 2009.


Boy did she think wrong.

Nude videotape of the reporter surfaced on the Internet immediately after her hotel stay,  apparently taken by a hidden video camera.

To theorize on how the peeping tom could have captured video without Andrews’ knowledge, CBS News turned to the Security and Privacy experts at BrickHouse Security. CBS News

correspondents and their film crew came to our Manhattan based office to discuss what different surveillance and counter surveillance options are out there.

When asked about his take on the Andrews incident, CEO Todd Morris explained “The truth is, you never quite know where a hidden camera could be stashed: in a locker room, dressing room, or worse, which is why it’s important to take measures to protect yourself from prying eyes.”

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Morris goes on to explain the different types of counter surveillance options available to consumers to detect unwanted audio and video recorders.

“Devices like the Hidden Camera Finder and the Laser Hidden Camera Finder Pro that reveal hidden wireless camera signals are portable camera detecting devices that let anyone sweep a room just like a P.I. would. With a simple 5-second sweep anyone can ensure that a room is completely bug and video camera free.”

(via CBS News)

Watch CBS Videos Online

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Daily News Asks Todd Morris for Advice on How to Avoid Bad Money

*Apr 23 - 00:05*

31-dailynews2Our CEO, Todd Morris has been featured in a recent New York Daily News article entitled “Knowing good money from bad money.” The piece focuses on how businesses can identify money coming from customers and investors that is truly bad capital in the end. Todd weighs in on the subject, and based on his own experiences at BrickHouse Security he provides some sound advice.

“For Morris, 39, bad money means “having more to risk than gain. We want customers. We want to provide excellent customer service. And we still want to meet our goals.”

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Executrac GPS Tracker Mentioned in CNBC Story on New Profitable Mobile App Sector

iphone_1cnbc-logoBrickhouse Security was mentioned today as part of a story on iPhone applications on the CNBC website. As part of their business-oriented applications for smartphones, companies are using Brickhouse Security’s Executrac Mobile GPS Tracker to protect businessmen in dangerous parts of the world. The Executrac is a smartphone app that turns company owned BlackBerrys into GPS tracking beacons anywhere around the world, and can automatically be downloaded onto any existing BlackBerry or Windows Mobile Smartphone.  As GPS use becomes more and more prevalent among those with cell phones, no GPS service is more reliable 24 hours a day in tracking employees and more important for the businessman with possibly dangerous interests than Executrac. Learn more about it here.

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BrickHouse Security Follows Amazon’s Lead to Kill Affiliate Programs in Rhode Island

47-01_amazon-dot-comThe Amazon is not only the world’s largest river,  it’s also the world’s largest online retailer and it’s busy making some surprising changes. Upon the passage of new laws in Rhode Island and North Carolina, made the swift decision to cut ties with all affiliates in those regions.  The new legislation states that any company that has affiliates based in the prospective states must charge sales tax on items sold to residents in that state.  This essentially equates affiliates to stores located in that state (of which there are none), something that Amazon, as well as other Internet Retailer 500 companies, like Brickhouse Security, view as corrupt and are acting accordingly. Labeling affiliate marketers as sales agents rather than advertising channels is inaccurate, said Rebecca Madigan, founder of the affiliate trade group Performance Marketing Alliance.

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USB Fingerprint Lock with Access Control Blog Coverage

biometric-usbOne of our hottest new products, the USB Fingerprint Lock with Access Control, recently got the attention of several awesome tech blogs. The USB Fingerprint Lock with Access Control is the world’s first, and only, biometric door lock to have a built-in USB port which can be used to export audit trail data on to a flash drive. This is the perfect lock system for small business owners who want high level security without costly installation or set-up. Employers can keep tabs on who is entering and exiting their property, and when.

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CNN Follows Former Marine David Whittaker On Wheelchair Journey

cnn-logo1We recently posted about David Whittaker, a homeless and disabled vet who is currently rolling his way across the country in a wheelchair. CNN just posted a video update of David’s brave journey that is worth checking out. WJXT’s Scott Johnson reports.



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GPS Tracker Leads CSI Miami Detectives To Solve The Case



CSI Miami Detective Horatio Cane uses Lightning GPS’ Spark Nano GPS Tracker to locate the criminal and solve the case. Another riveting episode of CSI Miami utilizing technology as a tool for increased security and surveillance. Detective Horatio Cane uses this GPS Tracker as a tool for mobile security, that aids him in solving the case. GPS Tracking has been utilized on the show before as a means for tracking suspects and increasing detective security. CSI spies take GPS Tracking technology to the next level to help them solve crimes.


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Executrac Turns Blackberry Into GPS


New York, ASIS NYC April 2009 — BrickHouse Security announced today at the ASIS NYC Security Expo “The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracking software for Smart Phones; a powerful, invisible application that turns any BlackBerry into a covert GPS Tracker with an emergency panic button. The application is so covert that it can be deployed wirelessly in seconds to thousands of company owned BlackBerrys unbeknownst to the user. Employers now have the power to closely monitor employee productivity and security anywhere in the world.

Journalists And Executives Fear Kidnapping Attempts
Journalists and executives who travel to dangerous areas, often fear kidnapping or other violent crimes. The only chance a remote traveler has is a panic button to secretly send a emergency signal with their exact GPS location to the people they trust to send help. “The Executrac” provides a safety net for international travelers with no additional hardware or training.

Remote Employees Take Advantage Of Freedom Costing Companies Billions
“Companies fear that remote employees such as field reps are stealing time from employers,” explained Todd Morris, CEO BrickHouse Security. “Many of our corporate customers fear they are not getting their money’s worth from field employees who may be on a golf course when they should be working, or worse” This unproductive time costs companies over $795 billion each year.

With “The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracking software, companies can monitor the precise location of all their field employees from any web browser. “Most employees are issued company BlackBerrys, and with an invisible installation employers can turn these company BlackBerrys into GPS Trackers… with or without the employees knowledge,” explained Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse Security.

Covertly Deploy Wirelessly To Thousands Of BlackBerrys
With a fast download or “push installation,” employers can deploy “The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracker to thousands of company BlackBerrys completely wirelessly and without any intervention by the user.

Invisible Footprint To The User With Web-Based Mapping
The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracker software runs invisibly in the background and does not change or affect the phone’s voice or e-mail functionality. Accurate within 5-15 meters, this mobile GPS Tracking software starts tracking withing 9 seconds of being turned on and stays covert to the user by using less than 15% of the BlackBerry’s battery over a 24 hour period. The web-based platform features an integrated Google Earth functionality, making it easy for employers to track employees online no matter where they are in the world.


  • Application Runs Invisibly In Background
  • Custom Panic Button For Emergency Situations
  • Fast Download – Wirelessly Deploy To Thousands BlackBerrys
  • Complete History & Reporting
  • GeoFence Safety Zone Alerts

For additional information on “The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracking Software, please visit

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Dashboard Navigation System Doubles As Covert GPS Tracker: Lets Boss Sit In Passenger Seat


Las Vegas, CTIA April 2009 – Lightning GPS today announced the world’s first ever covert GPS Tracker built into a fully functional touch screen navigation system, at the CTIA Wireless Technology trade show. The “NavGenius” is a covert GPS Tracker that’s incorporated into a standard looking navigation system to monitor a driver’s every move. It even comes with two manuals, one for the user of the car that doesn’t mention any of the tracking features and one for the real driver of this device.

Smarter Than Your Average GPS
An average GPS system such as a Garmin® or TomTom® is the equivalent of a “dumb box,” like a standalone PC that is not connected to the Internet and only does what it is pre-loaded to do. The “NavGenius” is the first true “Smart GPS” also known as “Connected GPS.”

By adding Internet capabilities, the GPS gains the ability to interact with, and be controlled by, other devices and services over the Internet.

Remote Monitoring From The Web
Using a slick web 2.0 online mapping system, users can easily check on a family member or any fleet of vehicles at once in real-time from any computer. Find out if they are where they say they are, or monitor their driving progress and history. Next time a teenager or employee tells you they were late because of traffic you can check yourself to see where they were and how fast they were going. You can even see a report of any unsafe driving behavior such as flooring it off the green-light or slamming on the breaks.

Push Directions Reroute Driver From Any PC

Did you ever want to tell someone where to go? We all know it is far easier to use online mapping from a computer than it is to use a handheld device. Now you can create a complex route or find a location and automatically send the route or location to the driver over the web. They never need to pull over and fiddle with a device or risk an accident while driving. Playing with handheld devices such as cellphones and GPS units while driving is suspected to cause many dangerous crashes.

The Lightning GPS “NavGenius” is designed to replace over $3,000 of older dedicated devices found in most taxis and delivery trucks. The current mess of cables and boxes include dispatch/messaging systems, GPS Tracking devices and standard GPS Navigation units; some even have a laptop for Internet access. By replacing all these expensive boxes with one low cost device under $500 fleet owners can save over $2,000 per vehicle.

“Small business owners are putting a lot of faith into their delivery personnel. In some cases, the image of the company can be tarnished by the actions of a part-time high school driver,” explains Jason Lazarus. “With the “NavGenius” we have given small businesses the power to monitor and control their delivery staff with zero installation and at a fraction of the cost of older systems.” One of the largest regional fleets has already pre-ordered 700 devices for their trucks.

Alerts Via E-mail or SMS Text Messages There are some things you may want to be alerted to instantly such as speeding, or a driver going into a “restricted zone.” With the connected nature of the “NavGenius” you can set rules on the website and get alerts via e-mail or SMS directly to your cell phone. For example, if a vehicle is only allowed to stay within town “A,” and it travels outside town “A” into town “B,” an alert message is immediately sent to the authorized user on that account.

Family Tracking
Many baby boomers are concerned that their teenagers and aging parents may get lost on the road or run into difficulties and need assistance. By including a GPS Tracker built into the navigation system, the “NavGenius” can alert a concerned parent about bad driving behavior or the location of a teen who is out past curfew.

A New Open Platform
Like the iPhone® this is a platform that other companies are building applications for. One OEM is adding the ability to charge credit cards directly with just a small USB swiper. Dozens of apps are under development and thousands of Windows Mobile applications can be installed with little to no modifications. Just like Apple®, Lightning GPS is managing which applications can be loaded on the device. An “app store” is under development and will be announced shortly.

Lightning GPS “NavGenius” Covert GPS Tracker Features:

  • Covert GPS Tracking
  • 2 Way Real-Time Messaging: communicate directly w/ device via Internet
  • Push Routing – reroute vehicles from any computer w/ Internet
  • Speed Alerts – receive SMS or e-mail alerts if vehicle exceeds a certain speed
  • Safety Zone Alerts (Geofence) – receive SMS or e-mail alerts if you vehicle goes outside designated area
  • Reckless Driving Reports

The web-based tracking system is so easy-to-use, that Lightning GPS launched a Free Live Demo that requires no training at all to get started.

Availability: The Lightning GPS “NavGenius” will ship in mid April, 2009. Please contact Lightning GPS at directly to order through their dealer network or for server licensing and large volume orders. Volume discounts are available.

About Lightning GPS:
Lightning GPS is the largest provider of GPS Tracking technology to law enforcement, military, and business. Whether it is family, consumer, business, or law enforcement tracking, Lightning GPS has a GPS Tracking solution for every surveillance need.

Garmin®, TomTom® Apple® and iPhone® are registered trademarks of Garmin International Inc., TomTom International and Apple® consecutively.


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