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So Safe It’s Scary: 7 Tips for a Worry-Free Halloween

Halloween is the time of year plagued with superstition, spooks… and some serious threats. Letting your children go from door-to-door in search of delicious, cavity-inducing treats can make any parent a little scared. But, with proper precautions, you can feel safe letting your little monsters run amok and collect all the candy their hearts desire.

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The Definitive Post-Epic Hack Security Rundown

This past weekend, the internet shed a collective tear for tech writer Mat Honan as his entire digital identity was eviscerated by hackers for no particular reason (unless you consider the fact that they liked his short Twitter handle, @mat, as a legitimate reason). In the wake of this Epic Hack, nearly every tech blog has offered suggestions on how to secure your online identity; here is a rundown of some of the best advice:

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Copyright Security Tips For Bloggers

The internet has provided countless individuals and businesses with a platform to speak to the general public. Anyone can create their own blog, either by registering a domain of their own, or by simply creating a user name on one of the large blog sites and posting their thoughts. If you do it well, you may be lucky enough to attract an audience of people with an interest in what you have to say. Possibly the best feeling you can get as a writer is to inspire discussions or have other outlets credit you for what you’ve posted. The most frustrating feeling, however, comes when you realize that someone is reposting your work without your permission, often times passing it off as their own.

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