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Twitter and Facebook: Friend or Foe? The Demise of Relationships Around the World

I was almost convinced, at the brink of acceptance, and mid nod when three of my co-workers stopped my chin from falling.

After hours of listening to my bosses explain to me the importance of “Twitter” and other social networking outlets such as “Facebook” and “MySpace” they had almost successfully recruited me for their team. I was enthusiastically signing up for a twitter account thinking of all the benefits and connections I was about to become a part of, when one question brought all of it to a screeching halt: What’s your twitter username? This seemingly harmless question, directed to three of my male co-workers, was the start of the end for me. After discovering that none of them had Twitter accounts I was shocked and the sting of betrayal pulsed through my veins. Why would my bosses lie to me? If they weren’t lying then why didn’t people they worked with every day not partake in what my bosses described as invaluable connection making?? Were they just trying to trick me? I was enraged with nothing but a primordial soup filled with feelings of confusion, pain, and anger and I knew that the only thing that would shed any sort of light on the situation was truth. And so my investigation began.

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Largest Art Heist In the World, What Could Have Been Done to Prevent It

6a00d8341cd7ed53ef0112796af2a928a4-800wiAfter countless FBI searches, deals with the mob, and 19 years, $300 million dollars worth of art have still not been recovered.

In 1990 the largest art heist in history was performed resulting in 13 masterpieces of art, from painters like Rembrandt and Manet, missing from the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston. Running in circles like chickens without heads, officials were plagued by false leads, empty promises, chases across the globe from China to antique shops in Boston, and failing spirits. 19 years later they have made no arrests and are no closer to retrieving the stolen pieces.

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How To Protect Your Privacy And Avoid The Facebook Spell

Facebook allows users to define themselves through its smorgasbord of applications and features: personal photos, virtual gifts and status updates all lend a hand in users efforts to open up and share just about anything going on in their lives. Younger generations, of particularly my own, have come under the Facebook spell and have a tendency to share a huge amount of personal information on sites like Facebook in an effort to open up and connect to the outside world without taking the time to protect themselves. It doesn’t matter whether that info is as mundane and uninspired as what they are eating at the moment or as potentially devastating as an inappropriate picture. Drawing the line and protecting oneself is essential to enjoying Facebook, but how does one go about it?

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Safe Shopping Tip: Avoid Credit Card Theft With The SmartSwipe

25_1544_20090804144839_credit-card-readerFor some, online shopping is the perfect way to indulge a passion without ever stepping foot into a store. Avoiding hawk-like sales clerks, being able to see all of your choices on a 20″ widescreen, no lines, and being able to take as much time as you want to obsess about what you may or may not need are all the benefits of shopping online. The other fringe benefits include stolen identities, credit card theft, and even worse- not getting that new pair of shoes. Fear not- with the SmartSwipe, you can shop away without wondering exactly where the numbers you type into your computer are ending up.

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Cell Phone Safety For Kids: How Parents Can Keep An Eye On Their Children's Mobiles

childcellphoneAccording to a study, the average age at which children get their first cell phone is 8. That is third grade, which is only three years after their very first day of school. From this moment on their cell phones will become an extension of their bodies- permanently attached to their hands. It’s uncontrollable- children are growing up much faster than they were before the technological revolution. The need for control over these devices is paramount as the age of first acquiring a phone decreases and technology makes it easier for them to obtain more sophisticated phones. The solution? Websafety Software.

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The Dangers of Tweeting: A User's Twitter Guide

The results that stem from Twitter and other social media networking sites include invaluable connections, countless conversations about similar interests, exposure to the public and…crime?

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networking websites in the world, recently reaching over 13 million users.  It embodies everything people want: it’s quick, fast, and free. With the efficiency of the site also comes the immediate dangers.  You’d be surprised how much could go wrong with just 140 characters.

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Top 5 Back To School Child Health And Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year. The change is imperceptible to everyone, but to you as a parent it’s consuming. You look over to the most precious thing in the world, your child: innocent, naive, and vulnerable. Thinking about your child growing older and becoming more independent sends your heart flying out of your chest. But you’re not alone, with these Top 5 Back To School Child Health and Safety Tips you can venture into the unknown confidently knowing you have done everything possible to protect your child.

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Spector Pro is the Ultimate Keylogger and Spy Software for Mac

spectorproWhen it comes to Computer Surveillance software, it might seem like Mac users are left out in the cold. If you’re looking to keep tabs on how people are using your computer when you’re away from it, at BrickHouse Security we offer an assortment of great solutions for PCs. For example, the Stealth iBot Computer Spy is an extremely powerful tool for covertly recording computer activity on the sly. But what if you’re a Mac user?

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