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Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods to Eat While Driving

274622_f520Domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and sexual assault- all of these are typical reasons for procuring a restraining order; but there is a new and very unusual type of restraining order that has been raising some eyebrows. Do not be fooled by the seemingly harmless nature of what these restraining orders aim to fight– turning a blind eye can lead to car accidents, burn victims, and even death. What exactly is the culprit behind these series of tragedies? The answer will surprise you: it’s food.

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New Paint Keeps WiFi Safe From Intruders

wifipaintThe next time you are in your room, typing in your personal diary on your computer and think that you are alone–don’t be so sure.

The quiet stillness is welcomed by your neighbors who are following your every key stroke, searching through your old files, and placing their feet in your footsteps while going unnoticed.  WiFi internet connections are extremely easy to trace and even easier to hack into, making everything on your computer vulnerable and naked to be seen by the world.  By using secure passwords the attempts of hackers can be deflected but not for long.

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Intel Anti-Theft Technology Transforms a Stolen Laptop into a Brick

computer_thiefIf you’ve ever had your laptop stolen, then you know what a dreadful experience it can be. Even worse than losing one of your most prized, and likely most expensive possessions, is the fact that you’ve lost all that valuable data on it. Assuming you are savvy enough to keep fresh backups, the most disheartening part comes with the realization that some crook out there has all your data – your financial and personal files – and perhaps even your company’s data.

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Online Password Security and Safety More Important Than Ever

twitter-page1 The Twitter Security Dilemma

Your middle name. The first street you grew up on. The name of the first family pet. These are the answers we give to password security questions online without even considering the simplicity of the questions being asked or the availability of the answers to these questions in varied online forums. Everyone does it, from your children to the top people at powerful companies, and thus leaves themselves open to the whims of hackers. Twitter learned this the hard way when a hacker recently gained access to the company’s internal information and employee’s personal accounts through the vulnerability and simplicity of the “forgot password” security question.

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Crime Prevention 101 Podcast: Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe, Cutting-Edge Security Products that Will Ease Your Mind

34-podcaster_full2Our CEO, Todd Morris recently joined Personal Safety expert Susan Bartelstone on her popular Crime Prevention 101 podcast. Todd talks about the latest cutting-edge devices on the market that you can use to keep your family and home protected. This is a great listen, especially if you plan on traveling a lot and being away from home this summer.

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How to Identify Work At Home Scams

pd_work_home_080311_msIn this economy, with so many layoffs happening, people are more likely to get taken in by false job opportunities – particularly ones which draw people in by advertising that it’s a work at home job. But more often than not, that high paying Work-at-Home opportunity that just landed in your inbox, is a scam aimed at duping you in to giving up your private identity information such as your social security number. But are there legitimate Work-at-Home Opportunities to be found on the internet? Yes. You just have to look before you leap and make careful decisions about where you apply too and what information you give out. Based on 10 years of experience working with a virtual workforce, VIPdesk has come up with 10 very useful tips for honing your senses when it comes to separating the real work at home job opportunities from the shams. (Source)

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Top 6 Tips for Travelling Safely This Summer

The warm weather is here, kids are getting out of school for a long break. The summer is coming. And with summer comes summer travel, the time when the family gets in the car, boat, or plane for some rest and relaxation. That is why you shouldn’t have to worry about your personal security and kids safety when out on the road or in another country. Here are some travel tips to help keep you and your family safe.

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British Palace Security Surveillance Infiltrated By Criminals: How Well Do You Know Your Employees?

xin_54040207093151554427The Queen of England faced a covert spy detection disaster when her chauffeur gave undercover reporters a tour of her fleet. The royal chauffeur Brian Sirjusingh was bribed with $1,500 by the reporters who posed as middle eastern businessmen.  They were allowed to enter the palace grounds without being checked for weapons or bombs. They also learned the code names of the queen’s cars and security weaknesses of some of the royal coaches. They even learned about the queen’s weekend plans. A good deal of information for anyone who may want to harm her royal highness.

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Hamburglars Beware: Fast Food Chains Consider Surveillance Cameras

robberyhambThe safety of a staple of American business is being threatened. As it stands now, fast food restaurants aren’t required to set up security camera equipment. However, robbers use this fact to their advantage and frequently steal from these establishments and now many patrons are afraid to step into these establishments.

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