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The Cellphone Spy: Ethics vs. Security

evesdropping_cellphones_080314_mnThe amount of information stored on a cellphone is staggering. Things like your whereabouts, call times, text message logs, not to mention names and phone numbers can all be accessed from your cellphone. Cellphone Spy Technology allows you to read deleted text messages. Cutting edge software can innocuously turn any smart phone into a GPS Tracker. The fast paced field of consumer surveillance technology may be too fast for tech-hungry spies. As with all technology, spy-gear often overtakes its users, leaving behind a myriad of ethical questions in its wake. The Brickhouse Security specialists are here offer three ways to employ cellphone surveillance that won’t weigh on your conscience.

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Could Your Children Be At Risk?

April is Child Safety Month. The Brickhouse Security experts are here to offer you safety advice.

1. Home Security

Your home is your sanctuary, it may seem safe but, its easy to overlook the hidden dangers within your own household. You spend the majority of time in your home, so you should be extra vigilant when it comes to your home’s security. Even the most secure locations imaginable have their weak points. Make sure all of your external windows and doors have working locking mechanisms, and be sure to make good use of the home security technology available at Brickhouse Security.

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Friends of Craigslist Killer Speak Out

Security cameras caught the craigslist killer in Boston. His friends say that he seemed normal. This brings up the question: How do you really know someone? The perceived notion of anonymity gives comfort to some and fear to others. When one can’t trust their friend or neighbor, how do we give so much trust to strangers?

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How To Keep Your Children Safe: Top 5 Ways To Stop Kidnappers

Kidnappers are motivated by large sums of money. The thought process being, why even bother taking the risk if the target isn’t worth the trouble. Due to SEC disclosure laws, finding out which executives make the most money is now easier than ever before. Your business, or your family may be at risk. Here are four tips on how to improve security.

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School Security Lessons From Columbine Anniversary

Schools have really amped up their security measures in the past ten years since the Columbine tragedy.

The surprise of the shooting left schools with the motto to never be caught off guard again. It spring boarded the child safety movement with the advance of the school safety research industry, pushing schools to lock doors , install security cameras and mass-notification call systems, and require all staff and visitors to wear ID badges.

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