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Baby Shakers Beware: Video Surveillance Not Just For The Government

Hidden cameras can be hidden virtually everywhere and secretly record the actions of unsuspecting parties. They can capture co-workers slacking off, perverts soliciting prostitutes, drug addicts purchasing from dealers, criminals breaking the law, or a cheating spouse, well, cheating. Perhaps the most popular use of a hidden camera is to keep a watchful eye on your babysitter. Many safety conscious parents secretly tape caretakers, sometimes with horrifying results.


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Do You Trust Your Spouse? Consider GPS Tracking For Peace Of Mind

Trust is the foundation of a great marriage. It goes to show that marriage is stronger when you are sure you can trust someone.

GPS tracking can empirically show whether your trust is unfounded. We would all like to think that evidence is unnecessary. However, no one can deny that temptation is all around and we are all susceptible to it. This is saying nothing about the trustworthiness of our spouse, but just a practical knowledge of the world.

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Cyber Spying: How to Combat the Invisible Threat

Cyber spying is no longer the work of movie fiction. Recently, a Canadian research security group has discovered a network of spies called GhostNet which were linked to government computers. It has infiltrated over 1,000 computers in more than 100 countries. These cyber spies gained information through spyware installed on computers of politicians, diplomats, and journalists. Targets included the Associated Press and the Dalai Lama.

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How To Keep Your Children Safe: Top 5 Ways To Stop Kidnappers


Kidnappers are motivated by large sums of money. The thought process being, why even bother taking the risk if the target isn’t worth the trouble. Due to SEC disclosure laws, finding out which executives make the most money is now easier than ever before. Your business, or your family may be at risk. Here are four tips on how to improve security.

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