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BrickHouse Security Offers Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

product-updates-12-7Each month, in an attempt to keep our customers abreast of updates to BrickHouse Security’s ever-expanding product catalog, we’ll be highlighting some recent additions here, on our blog. This month, we’re looking at new products that would make great last-minute gifts for the gadget lover in your life.

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A Small Business Guide to Simple But Effective Security Solutions

Small Business SecurityAs a small business owner, you’re constantly wearing several hats: HR specialist, founder, even custodian, sometimes—just to name a few. Not to add even more responsibility to your plate, but it’s imperative for small business owners to also act as the head of security to ensure that your business is always protected.  

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BrickHouse Security’s ‘GPS Jesus’ Program Enters Its Tenth Year

The industry leader is proud to announce its 10th year providing free GPS trackers to participating churches and communities across North America this December.

GPS Jesus 2016Since 2006, BrickHouse Security, an industry leader in security and surveillance solutions, has offered free GPS trackers to churches and nonprofits to monitor their nativity scenes. Now, after a decade of results, the company is looking to expand the program to more affected areas.

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