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Tazer Ball: A Truly Stunning Spectacle

A group of paintballers have come together to create a new game that they refer to as “the future of sport.” It’s a bit like rugby, fast-paced and full-contact, but played on a field similar to those used for indoor soccer. Teams of four face off without any pads and do battle, armed with lightning reflexes, a willingness to take a hit — and a stun gun. Yes, a stun gun.

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U.S. Government Steps in, Forces Facebook to Respect Privacy

Considering how many people are on Facebook worldwide, it seems an appropriate time for the government to step in to ensure that user’s privacy and rights were protected. Especially since Facebook has a history of randomly updating its privacy settings, exposing user data to the rest of the Web, the Federal Trade Commission decided that all sharing should be opted into instead of Mark Zuckerberg’s typical opt-out.

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