Chicago Cubs Fan Johnny Macchione Shamed on Camera for Beer Incident

081409beer2_20090813_22_00_21_4140-282-400Beer-chucking Chicago Cubs fan Johnny Macchione is now guilty of two misdemeanors after dousing Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino with a cold Bud Light. However, Macchione is even more guilty of being a coward after making an acquaintance originally take the fall for him.

The Bartlett native turned himself into police on Thursday after he couldn’t run away from the large collections of videos plastered all over the Internet identifying him as the despicable culprit.

“It was a big mistake. I’d like to apologize to Shane Victorino,” said the 21-year-old, who described himself as a lifelong Cubs fan. “It really is nothing against him. It was a mistake like I said.”

Macchione’s words may sound remorseful and sincere. But there’s no reason to see them as anything but a load of crap, considering that Johnny Boy was not showing any sides to his personality other than obnoxious and immature the previous night, when he let an innocent man named Dan DeLaPaz twist in the wind.

During the 5th inning of Wednesday’s game, Macchione, DeLaPaz’s pal,threw his light beer at the All-Star center fielder Victorino, who was preparing to catch a warning track shot from Jake Fox. Miraculously, Victorino was still able to catch the ball.

In words that doesn’t exactly make him come off as flattering, DeLaPaz said, “I was shocked when I saw the beer hit the guy. I was looking down at him smiling and laughing, ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!. Holy crap.’ “

DeLaPaz was immediately dragged and muscled from his seat by security guards as food was thrown at him, just as he was falling on Macchione’s sword live on ESPN.

“My wife was getting calls from friends saying Dan’s on TV. She’s freaking out and crying, thinking I’m getting arrested,” DeLaPaz said. “It’s all humiliating,” DeLaPaz said.

Instead of being a stand-up guy and taking responsibility for his illegal and stupid interference, Johnny Macchione decided to stay on his butt and sneakily watch while DeLaPaz was hauled away.

“It looked like he was waiting for security to grab him, but after he saw them grab me it was like he thought, ‘OK, I’m cool. Dan’s taking this one, no problem, ” DeLaPaz said after watching video replays of the incident.

The victim claims that the experience was a nightmare and that security was extremely physical with him. DeLaPaz was not allowed to leave until the gift of instant replay showed that he was not the culprit.

“I got no apologies,” DeLaPaz said. “No nothing.”

With the heavy amount of surveillance apparent by Thursday identifying Macchione as the culprit and a coward,the Cubs and Victorino filed a police report about the incident, and investigators went on a hunt for Macchione. After surrounding in the Belmont Area, he was charged with battery and illegal conduct in a sports facility. Surveillance had caused justice to be served.

“He called today. He said he felt horrible about it and very embarrassed,” DeLaPaz said. “He’s a good kid. He felt really bad. He’s just a Cubs fan with bad judgment.” (Via the Sun Times)

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