Forbes Exposes Design Flaws In Childproof Drug Containers

Security Expert and Forbes Writer Marc Tobias has once again found an insecure product masquerading as a security solution. This time, Tobias looked at the childproof drug containers that are being sold as secure and safe ways to keep prescription drug’s out of children’s reach. The two products that were covered in his recent post are the RX Locker, and the RX Drug Safe, both of which are being marketed as some of the most secure ways to prevent children from accessing prescription drugs, but in fact have proven to provide a false sense of security for parents and caregivers. The first of these products, the RX Locker, which is also the cheaper and more accessible of the two, has proven to not only be easy to bypass for a security expert, but can also be breached by young childre, or just unlocked by accident. This product is supposed to work as a pill bottle with a secure combination lock. However, it turns out you don’t need the combination to unlock it; all you have to do is press down on the “unlock”

button hard enough to open the container. Or, if pressing a button is too conventional for you, banging the container against a solid object will also open it. See the included video for a demonstration. After finding this security vulnerability, Tobias contacted Kevin Alan Tussy, the CEO and inventor of the RX Locker, who quickly pulled it from the market to ensure that parents and caregivers didn’t continue buying a defective product. The second medical security container, the RX Drug Safe, was designed for a much more serious approach to prescription drug security. Instead of using something like a combination lock or a key as the main security device, the RX Drug Safe uses a biometric fingerprint lock to grant access to authorized users. Despite this added level of security, Tobias was still able to find vulnerabilities that allowed users or children to get to the prescription drugs while avoiding the biometric device altogether. Tobias also brought this flaw to the attention of Lorraine Yarde, the CEO of the Rx Safes, Inc, the device’s manufacturer. After showing Yarde an in-depth video of how to bypass this container’s biometric security, Tobias agreed to collaborate with the company to make sure the next generation of this product truly is secure. Tobias also says that a secure medical safe should be mandatory in every household where children might be able to access dangerous drugs. He also suggests that parents or caregivers be vigilant in securing these drugs. And, with these design flaws in supposedly secure products, it’s even more imperative for caregivers to double-check their drug security. (Post & image via Forbes)

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  • Kudos to Marc Tobias for exposing this. I wonder how many lives he has saved by this?