New Research Shows Chinese Government is to Blame in Google Attacks

w020100304585644626511According to a recently released report from VeriSign iDefense Labs, the Chinese government is responsible for the December attack on Google and 30 other companies, and may even be responsible for the July cyber attacks on Silicon Valley companies.

iDefense researchers traced the attacks back to its original server source, which they say belong to the Chinese government:

“The source IPs and drop server of the attack correspond to a single foreign entity consisting either of agents of the Chinese state or proxies thereof,” the report says.

The report not only validates Google’s accusation of China’s involvement in the recent Gmail attack, it also most likely that China is responsible for the July cyber attacks on Silicon Valley companies. Both attacks are very similar and came about from what looks like the same source:

“The servers used in both attacks employ the HomeLinux DynamicDNS provider, and both are currently pointing to IP addresses owned by Linode, a US-based company that offers Virtual Private Server hosting. The IP addresses in question are within the same subnet, and they are six IP addresses apart from each other,” the report says.

“Considering this proximity, it is possible that the two attacks are one and the same, and that the organizations targeted in the Silicon Valley attacks have been compromised since July.”

If everything stated in this report is true then it suggests that the Chinese government has been carrying out a massive campaign of industrial espionage against US companies for many months now and has a lot of explaining to do.

(Via ArsTechnica)

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