Teachers-in-Training to Get CIA-like Coaching

Using a tiny hidden earpiece for covert communication traditionally summons images of secret service agents or spies of some sort—not teachers. This perception might all change soon as inexperienced teachers start teaming up with teaching coaches via tiny ear pieces, like the one pictured here.

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this new way of teaching will bring expert teachers’ experience to new teachers and allow them to educate students in a much more effective way, while also allowing teachers to cover concepts that they probably weren’t able to master on their own.

The process works much like NFL coaches communicating with quarterbacks on the field. Professors or more experienced teachers from a remote location speak to inexperienced teachers during real-world classroom scenarios and coach them on how to best approach student interactions or problems. The main benefit of this technology is that no longer will students not be able to get a first-rate education based on where they go to school; instead, expert teachers will be able to stream their expertise and experience to teachers all over the world in real time.

(Via Fast Company)

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