Cigar Aficionado Magazine Profiles High Tech Casino Scam Artists

george-lopezWhen Cigar Aficionado magazine wanted to do a story on high-tech casino scammers, they turned to the experts at BrickHouse Security: the very same company that helps law enforcement bust these criminals everyday. Specializing  in the fields of body worn surveillance, hidden camera finders, and surveillance systems, BrickHouse Security offer solutions to law enforcement and casino managers hoping to increase casino surveillance and to protect its patrons. But as this technology becomes more readily available, it’s being used in unsavory ways by cheaters who think they can make it big. But as Cigar Aficionado points out, many of these scammers have met their high tech match.

In the casino, the house always wins. And when the house starts losing, pit bosses and law enforcement know that they have a problem on their hands. Michael Kaplan of Cigar Aficionado points out that what once consisted of card counters and groups of cheaters signaling each other with mirrors, is now a high tech game of cat and mouse – and the stakes are higher than ever.

“One night, when Bit Chai Wong, a 39-year-old regular at the tables in Southwest London’s Mint Casino, won 34 out of 44 hands, her luck had clearly gone off the charts.  As her chip-stack grew, surveillance supervisors and pit personnel became increasingly suspicious. A white van, which had been parked outside the casino for much of the night, further raised cause for concern. The local police department’s Gaming Unit came by for a look. Bobbies raided the van. They discovered computers and a signal-receiving dish being used inside the vehicle. Swiftly, all doubts were vanquished. The big winner was also a big cheater. Masterminding this operation from inside the casino, a former chef by the name of Yau Yiv Lam sat at the gaming table with a tiny digital movie-camera up his sleeve. He position the lens low enough to capture cards as they were dealt. Images instantly transmitted from Lam’s camera to a computer inside the van. An accomplice in the van ran footage in slow motion. They viewed clear pictures of cards that the dealer was receiving.  Player Bit Chai Wong wore a tiny earpiece that received information from a spotter inside the van. Armed with casino gambling’s golden ring-knowledge a dealer’s cards-she strategized accordingly.”

The more technology advances, the more people will try to abuse it. Lucky for the house, most of the high tech cheaters are caught using similar, if not the very same, technology that they’re using to cheat.


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    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.Betty

  • BingoBiloba

    This is a nice story, but the mastermind behind it was a mastermind until he played at the table… He was greedy and that is why he got caught:)) He wanted to win big instead of winning an entire week of smaller profits which would have never been discovered.

  • Wow, slick cons are still thinking up new ways to get around security. Using mirrors to see cards they should not be seeing is clearly illegal – only an idiot would try it and win 77% of their hands. Greed apparently got the better of them.