CNN Follows Former Marine David Whittaker On Wheelchair Journey

cnn-logo1We recently posted about David Whittaker, a homeless and disabled vet who is currently rolling his way across the country in a wheelchair. CNN just posted a video update of David’s brave journey that is worth checking out. WJXT’s Scott Johnson reports.



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  • punkykat

    Has anyone really checked out his background? I was married to this joker and he is nothing more than a con-man! When I was married to him his name was David Lyle Whitaker (notice the spelling, only one t). He has used the names D.L Whitaker, D.L. Whittaker, David Michael Whitaker, David Michael Whittaker. He was born with the name David Lyle Sappenfield, or at least that is what the court papers that he showed me said. I am pretty sure that he was never in the Marines at all. My daughter had the V.A. Fraud department call her looking for him. Does this sound like an America Hero to you? Not me!