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CNN Showcases Family Safety Solutions from BrickHouse Security how long viagra last Last week we light pack reported on the story viagra of Akian Chaifetz, a 10-year-old autistic boy whose teachers is it legal to buy viagra online were caught bullying him via a hidden audio recorder. The story received nationwide attention — and so did the covert recording equipment that helped bring Akian’s tormentors to justice. In response to the story, CNN technology correspondent Mario Armstrong profiled a selection of BrickHouse hidden cameras and GPS tracking devices that help parents keep their loved ones safe.

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Erik is the chief Copywriter with BrickHouse Security. Hailing from the Midwest (Wisconsin), Erik moved to NYC in 2010, securing a job at BrickHouse shortly thereafter. Outside of work he writes about music, does freelance advertising work, and wastes his life on the internet. Aside from no-brainers like cheese and beer, Erik enjoys music, travel, TV, his cat, and Brooklyn.

  • Nicola Scott

    Hi, Just watched the CNN video above and I’m really interesting in a few of your products. I have two boys I would like to be more vigilant about their safety when I’m not around and also keep an eye on their online activities. Can I order online and do you ship international? I’m in the Cayman Islands

  • Marc Horowitz

    Yes Nicola, we ship to the Caymans. Thanks for your interest in BrickHouse

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