The Future of Night Vision is Painted in Color

Night vision or infrared cameras are an amazing piece of technology that give us the ability to see in the dark; an ability unavailable to humans until about 40 years ago. But one drawback of night vision is that the footage is never in color, but is instead always displayed in shades of green or grayscale. That’s all about to change, as a Japanese company is working on bringing real color to night vision cameras and forever getting rid of the “green vision” the old cameras have given us.

What’s so amazing about this new color night vision technology is that it can see color in total darkness, all by simply using infrared lights to reproduce the red, blue, and green colors of what it sees. At the moment, this technology is still in the development stage, but the idea that our technology is developing at such a rate where not too long ago we couldn’t see in the dark at all, and now will be able to see in full color is pretty amazing.

(Via CrunchGear) / (Image by The U.S. Army, licensed under Creative Commons)

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  • Pam Huston

    Can a night vision device find my box turtle???? thank you

  • It is really a big drawback of night vision cameras that we can not identify color through this. I am waiting for color detection night vision camera that would help us to identify color at night.