Prisoners Use Children’s Coloring Book To Smuggle Drugs

When it comes to smuggling drugs, people come up with the most innovative methods that you can think of, yet usually still end up getting busted. Whether it’s the marijuana catapult or carrier pigeons used as drug mules, all of this innovation goes to waste and only gets the people involved into more legal trouble. The latest drug smuggling attempt, although creative, still ended up the same way.

Although less obvious than firing bricks of pot through the air or getting your “packages” delivered by a pigeon, it’s still a pretty obvious give away when an inmate starts licking his mail and getting high off of it; which I image is exactly what led to a tip being submitted to the the Cape May County Correctional Center, which soon led to a full investigation.

The investigation found that pages from a children’s coloring book were being sent to an inmate which were designed to look like a very young child was sending artwork to his or her father. However, when examined, it was found that the water-paint used to color the pages was actually the drug Suboxone (aka Buprenorphine).

After further drug testing, the authorities confiscated the rest of the inmate’s “artwork” and were able to locate two other inmates and two civilians that were involved in this scheme. Needless to say, the civilians will soon be joining their inmate friends because of this, and will have to brainstorm a new way for sneaking narcotics into the prisons.

With this story and the recent news about terrorists hiding bombs in books, the question must be asked: does anybody read anymore?

(Story and image via MSNBC)

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