Masked Thief Caught on Camera Terrorizing Convenience Store Employees

robberyRecently in Albany, Georgia, a convenience store was robbed and the entire robbery was caught on tape. The Climax convenience store was robbed at gun point just an hour before its closing time. The thief made off with $300 from the cashier register but left the two employees working there at the time unharmed.

Despite the fact that the entire robbery was caught on tape, the police still have not been able to find the burglar and are asking for any one with information to come forward. The police arrested two men that matched the suspects description, and while both had warrants neither was the person they were looking for. Needless to say some of the workers are still very worried about coming back to work.

“Just to view what happened on the camera made me cry because these are my employees,” said Nicoa West, an employee of Climax who was not on duty during the time of the robbery.

Fortunately, the police are confident that through the use of the video footage taken by the store’s video surveillance camera they will find the guy they are looking for. Although they know that the criminal is still at large the employees of the Climax convenience store are just happy that their friends are safe.

(Via Walb News)

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