Robber Takes the Term ‘Stick Up’ All-Too Literally

We’ve all heard tales of ridiculous robbery attempts, but this one might just take the number one spot. Police in South Carolina say a local convenience store was the victim of a literal “stick” up, where the robber used a stick instead of a gun; and an equally unconventional getaway vehicle. Ricky New, a 45-year-old man from Aiken, S.C., is charged with first-degree assault, battery and armed robbery after he came into a local convenience store demanding money, using a stick as a weapon. The clerk says she put her arms up to defend herself from the

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robber who struck her on the arm several times until she handed over the cash.

“She was bruised, but she is OK… He received an undisclosed amount of money and fled the scene on his getaway vehicle – a Craftsman riding lawn mower,” said Capt. Elwell, a sheriff’s office spokesperson.

Once he grabbed the cash from the bruised clerk, the robber ran out of the store and got onto his trusty getaway tractor. As you can image, the thief didn’t get too far before the police caught up with him. We’re not sure exactly what the robber was thinking when he decided to try to pull off the stick up, but one thing is certain, his choice of getaway vehicle certainly didn’t make the cut. (Via Washington Post) / (Image by Lars Plougmann, licensed under Creative Commons)

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