Copper Theft, Shocking Underwear & More – Security News Roundup, Week of April 8


Every week we come across countless security news stories from around the world. This week, read all about a major drug bust, electric underwear, and much more.

Cell Phone GPS Tracking Enables Capture of Pennsylvania Crime Ring, Recovery of Thousands in Cash and Drugs

Authorities in two counties in Pennsylvania announced a major drug bust on Friday, April 5, which included 1,800 bags of heroin, weapons, and $11,000 in cash. And it was all because a recent change in laws allowed them to track several cell phones via GPS and arrest specific people in the drug ring. The change allowed authorities to obtain a warrant to track criminals across state borders, even if the target changes phones.

Read more & watch the video at WNEP

Surveillance Cameras May Come to Special Education Classrooms in Texas

A spate of news stories over the past few months has highlighted the disturbing pattern of teachers abusing their special needs students, whether verbally or physically, in public schools across the country. Although the issue of cameras in the classroom is legally complicated, a bill voted on by the Texas Senate would require video surveillance cameras in many of these classrooms in order to protect special education students.

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Indian Engineering Students Invent Shocking, GPS-Enabled “Anti-Rape” Underwear

Following recent highly publicized rapes and an increased national consciousness towards sex crimes, three engineering students in India have developed GPS-enabled, anti-attack underwear. The vest-like garment features pressure sensors capable of emitting a 3800 kV shock with the intent of stopping attacks before they begin (most assaults are said to start with groping). The underwear is also fitted with GPS, designed to contact police in the event of an attack to cut down on response time.

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Stolen Vehicle Found with GPS Tracking in Kentucky

Everybody assumes that vehicle GPS is great insurance against theft. This story shows that real-time GPS tracking not only helped recover the stolen vehicle, but also facilitated the authorities’ efforts to apprehend the thief. When a medical van in Carroll County, Kentucky was stolen, its owner tracked it via GPS and alerted the police once it stopped. Police responded, arrested the man, and two stolen vans were subsequently returned.

Read more at the Madison Courier

Hidden Cameras Help Capture Thief Breaking into UK University Dorm

Two suspects were caught and sentenced for illegal entry and burglary in Wolverhampton, England this week. Police set up a CCTV system trained on windows and other points of entry in a residence hall at the University of Wolverhamptom, and these cameras successfully captured clear footage of a man forcing a window open, working with an accomplice to grab the most valuable items, and leaving. Police recognized the pair from

the footage and made an arrest within hours.

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School Security Camera in Oklahoma Captures Attempted Copper Thief and Leads to Arrest

A Tulsa man was caught red-handed on camera while trying to steal copper piping from the roof of a school, captured by both a security camera and the school’s guard. The security personnel monitoring the school’s CCTV saw a man on the roof “tampering with air-conditioning units” and called local police. They responded, captured the attempted thief, and prevented him from stealing from or damaging the school’s property. Security footage confirmed his unlawful actions.

Read more at NewsOn6

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