Czech Banks Issue Credit Card Recall

fraudDue to some fraudsters from Spain, about 100,000 Czech and 100,000 German credit cards have been recalled after a possible personal data leak. Czech banks such as ČSOB, Raiffeisen, Česká spořitelna, and Volksbank CZ started blocking thousands of credit cards because of the possibility that the personal data was stolen. It is so far the biggest recall in the history of Czech and German banks.

“The finances of the clients are in no way in danger. Victims of fraud will be fully compensated by the banks… The only thing that the cardholders may face now is a temporary blocking of their credit card,” said Kotlán.

This concerns mostly people that have visited Spain recently since authorities believe that the fraudsters have stolen personal data from Spanish Visa and Eurocard/MasterCard providers. Czech banks have been warned by Visa and Mastercard about a month ago. Spain is as popular a tourist destination with the Germans as it is with the Czechs which might be the reason both of these have around the same number of recalls.


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