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Attendee Discovers Fake ATM at Defcon

atm-machineThe next time you go to get money out of the ATM machine, think again because you might be giving away your identity.

An attendee of the Defcon conference on cybersecurity, found a breach of security in the very hotel- The Riviera Hotel- the conference was being given: a fake ATM machine. A computer that was hidden inside the ATM was designed to scan debit cards when they are swiped through the machine, said officials who came to retrieve the suspicious machine.

Do not become another identify theft victim by following these tips:

– Avoid unmarked machines
– Compare the ATM machine to surrounding machines

The attendee said that he discovered the machine because of it’s mismatched LED light and unconventionally dark Plexiglas.

Officials don’t know how many other ATM machines are planted throughout casinos in Las Vegas, but warn people to be extremely cautious when using ATM machines. These scams are common, especially at gas stations, a senior staff member at Defcon said. It is so easy to fool people into thinking that they used a broken ATM machine. While they merely walk away, frustrated at most, they are completely ignorant to the fact that their identities have just been stolen. This was a wake up call to the participants of the conference, reminding them that physical credit fraud is just as important to beware of as is cybersecurity. (Via Forbes)

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  • ATM

    Did they catch the crooks who planted the ATM? Surely it must have been traceable?

  • ATM

    Did they catch the crooks who planted the ATM? Surely it must have been traceable?

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