Tips for Using Pepper Sprays

gcon7lDefense sprays have been around for over 25 years, primarily used by law enforcement and emergency service personnel.  They’re inexpensive, easy to carry (and conceal), and simple to use.  When offered within the context of proper training and awareness, they make people feel safer and can be a real lifesaver!

The laws and regulations for the possession and use of defense sprays vary from state to state.  Make sure to check with the police or the District Attorney’s office for the requirements in your area.

p-22jMy favorite model is the JOGGER, made by Sabre, which has an adjustable hand strap so you can attach it to your hand.  This makes it simple to carry if you’re jogging, hiking or just out late walking about.  And, this model addresses the question I’m most often asked regarding defense sprays:  What if the attacker tries to take it away from me?  With the JOGGER, that won’t be easy.  Even if your hand is struck or if you’re knocked to the ground, your weapon stays right with you.

Quick tip: Don’t develop a false sense of confidence or security just because you’re carrying a defense spray.  Always use caution and common sense.  Download my Tips for Using Defense Sprays to learn how to use them most effectively.

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