Dell Users Beware: Company Shipped Servers with Pre-Installed Virus

dellvirusThere’s nothing better than getting a new computer. But what if that brand new pristine computer was actually infected with a virus, right out of the box? Dell says, it happened.

Dell announced Wednesday that some motherboards sold were infected with malicious software that could create vulnerabilities for users. Dell says the virus only affected customers that received replacement for: the PowerEdge R310, R410, R510 and T410 servers. Although this problem only affected 1% of clientele, this is still a major problem for the computer manufacturer and represents a major flaw in quality control. Dell was quick to add that the problem only caused damage “when a customer has a specific configuration and is not running current anti-virus software.” This statement clearly left victims of the flaw vexed.

“Obviously it causes me grave concern be informed of a vulnerability but not have all of the technical details,” wrote one customer.

Dell attributed the security flaw to human error, although they couldn’t explain exactly how a piece of malware was installed erroneously. They were quick to explain, “If you are trying to do something [nefarious] this is not a very good way to do it,” the Dell spokeswoman said, adding that it would be “practically impossible” for this incident to result in data theft.

Thankfully, the error was discovered early on before it became too widespread. Dell is doing everything they can to rectify the situation.

(Via Wall Street Journal)

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