Brazilian Man Crashes His Own Funeral

coffin-funeralOn a holiday known as “Dia de Finados” – the day of the dead, a man in Brazil attended his own funeral after there was a mix up with the cadavers.

On November 1st, some family members and friends had identified the victim of a car crash as 59-year-old Ademir Jorge Goncalves. They had his body prepared for burial the next day. The holiday is a day for people to remember the loved ones they had lost. When Goncalves learned of his funeral he decided to stop in and let his family know he was ok. He shocked his family members so much by arriving at the funeral, that some reportedly tried to jump out the window from the funeral home.

Goncalves had spent his night drinking at a bar near the crash site, but was not the actual victim. The mystery was unraveled afterwords when a family from a neighboring town came looking for their missing son. When they learned of the mix-up, they took their son’s body to be buried.

“In my 10 years in this business, I have never witnessed a scene like this,” said Natanael Honorato, manager of the funeral home in the Parana state.

(Via CNN)

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