Pentagon Searching For Digital DNA

dnaa Unlike in real life, crimes are much harder to trace and prove on the Internet. Especially with the giant cyber attack that was recently launched on Google and about 30 other companies and that was traced back to China. The Pentagon thinks that due to how it was carried out and how complex it was, it might have been the Chinese government. Even though pinning the attack on the Chinese government seems like the logical answer, there is no solid proof, which is why the Pentagon is now researching a way to find or create a Digital DNA or as the Pentagon calls it, the “Cyber Genome.”

The purpose of the “Cyber Genome” project “is to produce revolutionary cyber defense and investigatory technologies for the collection, identification, characterization, and presentation of properties and relationships from collected digital artifacts of software, data, and/or users,” DARPA (the Pentagon’s agency which created the Internet) announced.

This DNA will be able to trace back whatever you did online or what type of file or code you created and link it back to your computer, PDA , or any device that you used to get online. This will raise huge privacy concerns when it comes out, but most likely will be something that will be necessary to protect our nation in the cyber age and greatly if not completely wipe out Internet crime.

(Via Wired)

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