Security Experts Hack "Impenetrable" Digital Safe Lock – AGAIN!

Promised to be “impenetrable” according to the manufacturer and retailing at a painful $600 a pop, the CLIQ electro magnetic digital lock better be good.

Three security experts who previously gained notoriety when they quickly and easily picked what was also considered an “impenetrable” lock, put this assumption to the test when they set out to pick the CLIQ lock. This is the very lock used in banks, government buildings, water and power plants and transportation facilities – including the Swiss Federal Railway System and the Ottawa International Airport.

And guess what? They’ve done it again.

The experts showed how easy it was to bypass the electronic portion of the lock.

“There’s no audit trail that the lock has been opened,” security expert Marc Tobias says, “because there are no electronics [involved].” Which means that the attacker could enter a room, steal everything in it, and without the help of a hidden camera or surveillance system, it would technically look like the person who entered the room before him was guilty.

assa-chip-300x200Well that was easy.

Unsatisfied with the first hack, the experts also bragged that they made a copy of the key, which allowed them to simulate the mechanical key and open the lock – another main selling point of the lock proved false.

Arguing that this could be a serious security problem for the businesses and governments using these locks, on an astronomical level including possible terrorist attacks, the experts are currently negotiating with the manufacturer, hoping to get these problems fixed and customers refunded.

(via Wired)

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  • ronald1216

    i just found out my digital safe batter is to low an says ser or p and wont allow my combination to open it any way to open it im selling it after i blow it up can use it as a tool blox.