Why You Shouldn’t Steal From People with Surveillance Systems

During winter it’s pretty common that people either forget their snow shovels outside or just figure that no one will bother to steal them. In the case of David Welles of Chicago, one of his neighbors not only decided to steal his shovel from the front yard, but also let her dog leave a not-so-nice present in the front yard, adding insult to injury.

Luckily for Welles, he owns his own surveillance company and has cameras installed all around his home, so he caught the entire incident on tape. Not only did he record the shovel theft, but he recorded her using the tool to dig her car out.

This is where Welles got creative with his revenge: instead of confronting the woman or damaging her car, he simply gave her more reason to use that new shovel of hers. He took out his snow-blower and used it to clear the road by her car—dumping all of the snow right on top of the vehicle, completely burying it. It took the woman about four hours to clear in the end.

Just remember, if you’re going to steal from somebody, make sure you’re not on camera..

(Via Gizmodo)  / (Image by nathanmac87, licensed under Creative Commons)

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  • We do get to know the true colors of a person when times are tough. But man, it’s a bad idea to steal, and most especially from someone who you know and lives right next door. There’s no evading the wrath and vengeance of a scorned neighbor.