Super Smart Canine Caught on Tape Breaking Out of Veterinarian Office

We’ve all heard the expression “caged like an animal,” well for one dog on a Long Island that was a stereo type he was not willing to fit into. He just kept going and going until he was able to escape the Veterinarian office he was locked inside of at the time. But this was no small feat, the canine had to get past a dead bolted door and 6 foot fence in order to escape.

dogThe German Shepard, named Pharaoh, was caught on the Veterinarian’s office surveillance camera breaking out of his state of the art cage and making his way the rear entrance of the Veterinarian office. This is quite an incredible feet for a dog, let alone one that was recovering from surgery. The video shows Pharaoh “jimmying” his cage open, unlocking and opening a padlock door, but he didn’t stop there. He then confronted his next big obstacle – a six foot fence. To open the fence he jumped up and used his paw to press down on a lever that unlocked the gate. He then traveled several miles in the direction of his home, all the while dodging traffic on a busy street before taking a rest. When he took a break to rest, he was discovered by an early morning jogger who stopped when he saw the dog still had the surgical cone on it. Fortunately Pharaoh is home with his family now and in perfect health.

Dr. Peter Kowalewski of the Veterinarian office said that Pharoah is “Absolutely the best escape artist, Houdini dog I ever came across,” and the doctor still can’t believe the dog was able to pull everything off. The veterinarian office is both a little embarrassed and relieved to know that the dog is in safe hands. It seems that they’re going to have to think twice the next time they try to lock up this tricky K-9.

(Via ABC News)

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