States Argue About Tracking Domestic Abuse With GPS

217-suicidalMany states are deliberating whether or not it would be worth-while for them to use GPS tracking systems to monitor the whereabouts of domestic violence offenders who have orders of protection against them. It has been argued by many state governments that often these orders of protection are violated thus resulting in the deaths of many victims.

On the other hand, some lawmakers argue that the GPS systems are likely to help in some cases, but not all. They also argue that the GPS systems would come at a significant cost to tax payers. Furthermore, some states argue that because of these high costs, the thought of using this new technology is simply a delusion of grandeur. Meanwhile countless numbers of abused women have been relating stories of the protection orders being violated by their ex-partners. In one tragic case, a woman named Leigh Ann Olson told the story of how her ex-husband violated his protection order and fatally shot their five year old daughter Makayla, before shooting himself.

It is stated that three women each day are killed in domestic disputes and about a third of these murders are committed by repeat offenders with protection orders placed on them. Although state legislature may bicker and discuss budget implications, many women are claiming that this is a necessary precaution that needs to be taken to ensure their safety. You can consider of the costs of these GPS tracking systems all you want, but ultimately the need to save lives should outweigh the concern about those costs.

(Via Star Tribune)

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