GPS Electronic Monitoring Becoming Tool in Fight Against Domestic Abuse

rhianna_02Last month, Texas joined a coalition of seventeen states that protect victims of domestic violence and interpersonal violence by using GPS electronic monitoring systems. This tracking system enables authorities to both monitor a convicted offender and to realize when he or she goes to certain locations of interests, such as a victim’s home or place of employment.

Diane Rosenfeld, who is a Harvard Law lecturer and a very important figure in the campaign to get GPS electronic monitoring used in many states, stated in an interview that the system can be a key tool in the fight against domestic violence due to its ability to establish boundaries when they are broken, and because warning could be given to the victim if need be.

The supporters of electronic monitoring in these seventeen states believe that by allowing for GPS electronic monitoring to protect victims of domestic abuse, they can eliminate what they perceive as people’s belief that domestic abuse  as a responsibility of individuals and law enforcement officials. Supporters like Rosenfeld are adamant that blame for domestic abuse needs to be shifted to the abuser and that they need to be held accountable.


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GPS electronic monitoring by law enforcement is opposed in these states by a wide variety of civil liberty groups for a variety of reasons. Those in opposition argue that the program promotes false victim safety, will be inefficient in states due to a lack of funding, and is biased toward certain minority groups due to increased violence in certain populations.

The use of electronic monitoring must become a powerful tool in the fight against domestic abuse. The people who serve in law enforcement are only human, and without sufficient help, they cannot fight against the evil that is domestic abuse. By using electronic monitoring, our law enforcement will have a leg up on abusers and the use of a tool that is virtually unstoppable. As long as they use electronic monitoring wisely, authorities will be able to heavily eradicate the threat of domestic abuse and thus be able to protect victims from the monsters who have performed it. The victims of domestic abuse are an oppressed minority, and GPS electronic monitoring systems will give law enforcement officials a tool to fight back, a tool that is too important for all states not to take advantage of. (Via Digital Journal)

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