The Spark Nano Slithers Onto "Chelsea Lately"

E!’s “Chelsea Lately” had an

unexpected visitor when a slithery extra dropped by the show during Donald Schultz’s visit Monday, May 30. Chelsea Handler got a scaly surprise during tonight’s show when talk show guest and international adventurer Donald Schultz dropped by “Chelsea Lately,” which can be seen here on E!’s Official Web site, or at the bottom of this page. While Handler has expressed her fear of snakes for quite some time, this week Schultz went all out and brought a 16-foot reticulated python with him. It took two men to carry the snake out, but only one Chelsea Handler to jump over the back of her chair to get away. Schultz explained that he was outfitting snakes with GPS trackers given to him by the Experts at BrickHouse Security so he will always know where they have gone off to, and track them in real-time through an Internet mapping program.

“Who CARES?” quipped the clearly frightened Handler about Schultz’s plan to track snakes’ activity.

But all kidding aside, if the Sparko Nano GPS Tracker can track giant snakes across Africa, just imagine what it can do for your common household snake in the US. The Spark Nano is presented by the Experts at BrickHouse Security. Find out everything you need to know about the Nano right here.

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