Famous Jewel Thief Doris Payne Caught Stealing Again at Age 79

Doris Payne

Doris Payne

79 year old Doris Payne was arrested in 2005 after being caught on a security camera stealing a $30K diamond ring from Neiman Marcus at the Stanford Shopping Center. It turned out that Doris was actually lifelong criminal whose exciting exploits had traversed the globe. Her story even made it’s way to Hollywood where it became the subject of a movie starring Halle Berry. The movie, entitled, “Who is Doris Payne?” is scheduled to be released later this year.

Now it seems like they’re going to have reshoot the ending of the film. Just a few months after having completed her prison sentence, Doris is suspected of steeling a $2,300 Burberry trench coat at Saks Fifth Avenue. It might not have been as expensive an item as most of her previous thefts were, but because Doris is still on parole, it doesn’t look good for the aging criminal.

(Via the LA Times and Mercury News)

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