Drug Dealer Busted After Pocket-Dialing 911

Lately we’ve been hearing quite a bit about criminals getting busted for pocket-dialing police while committing or planning crimes; and this story isn’t much different. But it does reenforce the idea that criminals really need to switch to flip phones or lock-screened smartphones.

To start off, the local Gainesville, FL, police received a phone call at 1:30 a.m. where they could hear a group of people talking about drug deals of prescription narcotics. Seeing as they had a potential case on their hands, the department quickly dispatched an officer to track down the call, which ended up leading him to a local Waffle House.

When in the Waffle House, the officer started questioning employees, including one who turned out to be the suspect. The phone call was still in progress during the questioning, which was how the officer was able to recognize who the caller was. Police then reported that the suspect was told about his surprise call and that it was recorded, which was when he agreed to cooperate with the officer and was found in possession of hydrocodone and alprazolam tablets.

So here’s a tip for our readers: if you plan on doing something shady or something that you don’t want others to know about, make sure to that your phone is not actively calling someone. Or perhaps look into getting a flip phone for those special occasions when you’re going out on crime sprees.

(Story and image via Gizmodo)

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