First Drug Mules, Now Drug-Smuggling Pigeons

Colombian police are reporting that they’ve found a new way inmates try to smuggle drugs into prison: the antiquated concept of carrier pigeons.

Officers at the prison said that the pigeon was most likely trained by inmates or their accomplices on the outside to deliver the drugs. Police also said that using carrier pigeons to smuggle SIM cards has been used as well.

“This is a new case of criminal ingenuity,” said Bucaramanga police commander Jose Angel Mendoza.

The jailbird in this case, however, never made it to the prison; its haul was too heavy to bear.

“We found the bird about a block away from the prison trying to fly over with a package, but due to the excess weight it could not accomplish its mission,” Mendoza said.

There is something commendable in the enterprising spirit of this effort; an almost touching bond between man and beast. Next time, perhaps the criminals won’t get too greedy, and their trained bird will be able to make the drop.

(Via BBC) / (Image by dingopup, licensed under Creative Commons)

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